What sports do women like?

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All the same sports as men,generally.

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Q: What sports do women like?
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Related questions

Why do women like sports?

it keeps them healthy and active. why cant women like sports?

What sports did women play in 1920?

Women did not play lots of sports in 1920 like they do now in 2014. Some of the sports women played were tennis, croquet, and some golf.

What are women's sport in Iran?

In Iran, women are like men's sports. Universal Sports. Volleyball. Football. Swimming. Boating. Taekwondo. Karate. Track and field. Tennis. Ping-pong. Shooting. And many other sports. In Iran, women are participating in various competitions. Iranian women are dressed in sports. Women's sports clothing covers the whole body. Federation of Sports for Women in Iran are women.

IS Indian women cricket matches telecast?

Indian women's cricket team participates in global cricket competitions like the Women's World Cup, Women's T20 championship and the Asia Cup. Their matches are telecasted on several channels like Ten Sports, Start Sports and ESPN sports.

Can Hindu women get involved in sports like wrestling?

yes Hindu women can get into sports like wrestling anyone can as long as you have the right attitude and enough spirit for your sport ecspeciallay wrestling

Is sports male dominated field?

no there are lots of sports women play like volleyball and cricket

Which national Canadian retailers sell Nike's for women?

There are some national Canadian retailers that sell Nikes for women. They are stores like National Sports, Sports Check, Sports Mart, Sporting Life, etc.

What are the sports for women?

All sports are for women.

Where can one buy Spandex shorts for women?

One can buy Spandex shorts for women when one goes to sports stores like National Sports, Sports Check, or Academy Sports. In these stores, there are a lot of Spandex shorts to choose from. Price varies with style.

Why did spartan women had to do sports?

They had to if they wanted to be considered tough like men.

Is there any sports men cant that women can?

yes women can do anything like men but men are pathetically stronger

What has the author Women's sports foundation written?

Women's sports foundation. has written: 'Images and words in women's sports'

How does gender effect performance in physical sports?

It doesn't realy matter about the gender. But men tend to be more stronger than women, so in sports like shotput, men might be a bit better that women. Although Women tend to use their lower body strength, eg running. Some sports, like rounders is more for women, becasue they have a better skill in that sport. the conclusion is that men and women are equally as important in sports but are different in other ways, which makes them better.

Who goes to sports bars?

Men and Women 21+ that like to drink while watching sports and having a good time with friends.

Do all women have a hymen when they are a virgin?

No. It can be damaged during sports like cheerleading

Why don't sports have integrated teams with both men and women?

some sports do like figure-skating<333 and cheerleading<3 but others might not like soccer of football because men are more aggresive than women.

What is the percentage of women playing sports?

What is the percentage of women playing sports?

What sports women play on?

Women play sports of all kinds.

How many women play sports?

There are millions of women currently who play sports. Women now play basketball, soccer, football, hockey, and several other sports.

What is sports characteristics today and modern?

Women doing sports for loss weight, something like Yoga. Men do it for release stress maybe.

Did Betsy Ross play sports?

This information is not given in her biography. In her time women didn’t play sports like today so she wouldn’t have.

Do men buy sports cars to find women?

Some yes but the girl doesn't like you for you she like you for your money

What type of sports would require the use of a sports bra for woman?

Most types of sports that would require a sports bra for most women include sports like gymnastics and figure skating, as well as soccer and basketball as well.

What is Women's Sports Foundation's population?

The population of Women's Sports Foundation is 50.

When was Women's Sports Foundation created?

Women's Sports Foundation was created in 1974.