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Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, volleyball, tennis.

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Q: What sports do the athletes usually wear shorts?
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Related questions

What clothing do the modern athletes wear?

top and shorts usually

What do professional beach volleyball players wear?

Girls usually wear short shorts with like a sports bra type of shirt and guys usually just wear shorts and no shirt

What do the athletes wear in the modern Olympics?

t shirt,trainers,shorts and all that stuff

What is sports wear and active sports wear?

Plain Sports wear are those not particularly built for a certain sport or training while an active sports wear is one that is particularly built or made for athletes that can withstand high impact from moving sweating and different weather conditions. Some examples are soccer shorts, training vests, and pants.

What to wear to a sports party?

Wear: Tight shorts, a tight sports top and a hoody...

Do you ware under ware over a jockstrap?

Not usually. You just wear gym shorts, or your regular sports pants.

What do rugby players wear under their shorts?

Rugby Players Wear Compression Shorts Under Their Shorts Usually.

What do Olympic athletes wear to compete?

What they wear depends on what events they are competing in. Most athletes wear modern athletic attire that can include warm up suits, shorts and tanks.

What is sports wear shorts?

Shorts are worn in playing many summer sports. Basketball and football (soccer) are notable for their players wearing shorts, as are track and field events.

What athletes wear Champion workout clothes?

Champion workout clothes are worn by athletes in all types of sports. Football players, baseball players and hockey players can all be seen wearing the shorts, shirts and undergarments made by Champion.

Will sports wear manufactures ever make nylon sports shorts again?


What do the athletes in the modern Olympics wear?

sports wear

What type of people would wear a compression short?

Some people that wear compression shorts are athletes. Athletes wear these because they are nicer to run or do whatever they are doing with them. Makes it a lot easier on them.

What to wear to volleyball practice?

You Should Wear Some Shorts, & Maybe A Sports Bra. Or Shorts & A Tank Top

How do you wear sliding shorts?

You wear sliding shorts under athletic appearal for sports such as baseball or softball mostly without underwear but it's optional

What do soccer athletes wear?

Soccer athletes are quite lightly in comparison to other games of similar physical nature. They only wear their kits - shirts and shorts, boots and shin pads.

Can you wear compression shorts as underwear?

Of course! Many sports players wear it as underwear and not just for sports, even as an everyday underwear. There is no reason not to.

What shoes to wear with high shorts?

I love my TOMS or Vans, I usually wear them with my shorts. Sperry is also a good brand.

What should you wear to volleyball practice?

You Should Wear Some Shorts, & Maybe A Sports Bra. Or Shorts & A Tank Top

What do girl tennis players wear?

they wear a sports bra and shorts and headband! im 9! SMART!

What do athletes wear in modern olympic games?

hi my name is daisy and the answer is for girls trainers shorts and t- shirts

What did the athletes wear in the Olympic games?

They wore the olympic gear such as : Trainers, Shorts and t-shirt.

Are ladies shorts in the activewear department?

It depends on the shorts. Some shorts are more for going out in a more causal social atmosphere. Other shorts are indeed in the active wear department, and these shorts are predominantly used in exercising, sports, etc.

What to wear if you dont have a bathing suit?

some shorts that are comfortable to you and a sports bra if you want or a tank top

What shorts do you wear in Antarctica?

Your choices are usually boxers or briefs.