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Q: What sports do people use drugs in?
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Why do some sports people choose to use steroid drugs?

because they like to use steroid drugs

Is it illegal to use drugs in sports?


What percent of high school students who don't play sports use drugs vs those who do play sports?

It is a fact that 67% of the people who don't play sports do not get involved with drugs. 23% of the kids do choose to do drugs.. It is said that sports keeps your mind off other things.

Are steroids good in sports?

Steroids are not good in sports because they could harm you and are drugs. You should never use drugs.

It's ok to use enhancing drugs for sports?


Where can you learn about the use of drugs in sports?

ur butt The Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do most people use drugs for?

Some people use drugs to get high. And others use drugs to cure illnesses.

Is using drugs in sports cheating?

Yes, if you use performance enhancing drugs, it is considered cheating.

How many people use drugs in sports?

The exact number is unknown however many sports are now testing for illegal substances reducing the number of "using" athletes.

Does crack help you in sports?

Drugs do not help people period, if you play sports you want to maintain healthy.

Why do people continue to use drugs?

people keep using drugs because there's nicotine in them, and other people get both kids and adults to use drugs.

Which sports have been discovred to have drug use?

Drugs have been used in sports for certain reasons because some people think they are good for you but there not 2 reasons why they use it, to make them selves strong and to make them selves quick.

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