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People in Nova Scotia play several sports, including Ice Hockey, soccer, Rugby and Baseball.

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Q: What sports do people play in Nova Scotia?
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What are some sports in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotians like to play hockey , baseball, basketball, vollyeball and many other types of sport, they also have a great men and women's curling team.

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windsor nova scotia use to play ice hockey on the local ponds for fun, check it out the birth place of hockey is there

What role did the maroons play to Nova Scotia?

Beginning in 1796, they helped build the Citadel in Halifax as well as other defenses throughout the city.

What city has casino's in Nova Scotia-canada?

There are casino's in Halifax, Dartmouth, Sydney and Yarmouth. Residents of Nova Scotia also regularly play online casinos. The local government in Nova Scotia recently considered launching its own online gambling website for the reason of 'protecting gaming addicts who are at "the mercy" of unregulated, offshore sites' though many feel that they are just looking for a way to keep the money in Nova Scotia rather than going to offshore sites. There are however already some great online casinos in Canada, such as Windows Casino, which offer a full casino experience online.

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