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football,criket and Basketball

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Q: What sports do people in Madagascar pley?
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What do people do for entertainment in madagascar?


What sports do people play in Madagascar?


What do people in Madagascar play for sports?


Sports in Madagascar?

Madagascar sports include athletics, football, boxing, judo, tennis, basketball and various other games. From high school to the national level, the sports of Madagascar are practiced by many people of Madagascar. The country also participates in the international competitions especially in the field of Athletics.

What are some individal sports teams in Madagascar?

Madagascar Minions

What sports are played in Madagascar?


What are Madagascar's sports?


What major sports are played in Madagascar?

the major sport played in Madagascar is football

What types of sports does Madagascar play?


What are sports played in Madagascar?

the played sports are soccer. M+B=4EVER

What is the word Madagascar in french?

Madagascar is Madagascar for french people Madagascar is an island and a movie for English people same

What are people from Madagascar called?

People from Madagascar are called "Malagasy".

What do Madagascar people wear?

madagascar people wear clothes

What do you call people from Madagascar?

They call the people of Madagascar 'Malagasy'.

What do people in Madagascar travel by?

People in Madagascar travel by walking or by jeep.

Are the people of Madagascar cheerful?

there are no people in madagascar, havent you seen the movie?

How many competed from Madagascar in the olympics?

7 in 5 sports

What type of sports do they play in Madagascar?

i have no idea maybe soccer .

Do people live in Madagascar?

Yes about 20,653,000 people currently live in Madagascar.

What films do people watch in Madagascar?

They are known to quite enjoy Madagascar and Madagascar 2.

Why should woman pley football?

It's play not pley, and the should play it because they want to and some woman may be better.

How many people are immigrants in Madagascar?

There are 24,592,641 immigrants in Madagascar.

What is the population of Madagascar?

the current population of Madagascar is 27,691,313 people

How does Madagascar government acts towards Madagascar people?

they kill them

Can you pley Pokemon on a PSP if so how?

No you can not.... Sorry.