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Q: What sports did the Victorians play?
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Did Victorians do sports?

yes he is epick

What did Victorians wear when they were playing sports?

It depends.

What are some indoor games that Victorians play?

the indoor games that Victorians play are smacking butts, Marco Polo, who will die first.

Where did Victorians go to watch sports?

The Colosseum, London NW2 4QX

Did rich Victorians play with basketball?

Yes they did play basketball

How did the Victorians play football?

By kicking it like we did

Did Victorians play with doll houses?


Did the Victorians invent any sports?

yes many like trenchball and frets

What would rich Victorians play at Christmas?


Did the Victorians play the game of Jacks?

Yes they did infact

What did rich victorians play with?

They played with Dolls, Tea Set's soldiers and marbles.

How did Victorians play with skipping ropes?

The answere is that the Victorians use a skipping rope exactly how we use it. But in those days the skipping rope was made of rough wool and wooden handles.