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Iroquois played Lacrosse.

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Q: What sports did the Iroquois used to play?
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What sports did Iroquois played?

they played lacrosse

Did the Iroquois use a rock to play lacrosse?

NO used dead peoples heads

Does Bill Gates play sports?

He used to play soccer.

What is the Iroquois hobbies?

lacrosse and other field sports.

What kinds of sports and arts did the Iroquois do?

they did Marshal arts

What sports did the Iroquois play?

Some sports that the Iroquois played where snow snake.snow snake is when you take a big snake and draw a line in the snow and who ever finishes their line first wins. They also played darts when you trow a dart at a target or tree. The girls played with corn husk dolls that had no faces. Lastly the boys played lacrosse. They used a stick and a net to make a lacrosse stick. These are games the Iroquois played

Who was the first person to invent sports?

the first person to invent sports were the Iroquois-lacrosse

Why did Chinese play sports?

They used it as entertainment

What did the Iroquois love to play as a sport?

The Iroquois created and played Lacrosse.

What did the Iroquois use the war club for?

It's so simple they used it for war. Play assassin's creed 3 u'll understand. Ac3 is about iroquois.

What were the Iroquois tools used for?

The Iroquois tools were used for hunting and fishing.

What sports did Justin Bieber used to play?

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What toys did Iroquois children play with?

the iroquois girls played with cornhusk dolls

What sports did rameck hunt used to play?


Did Iroquois girls play lacrosse?


What did the Iroquois used animal skin for?

The Iroquois used animal skin for clothing, and blankets.

Did Obama used to play sports?

Yes he did indeed. He played Basketball and many other sports.

What sports is Paul Simon into?

he used to play soft ball

How did ancient Romans play sports?

They used to play football, using a pigs bladder.

What did Iroquois Indian children play with?


What games did the Iroquois play for recreation?


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"I play sports"

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