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Basketball, Baseball, tennis, and handball.

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Q: What sports did William G Morgan use to create volleyball?
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What four sports did William Morgan combine to create the new game of volleyball?

William Morgan combined elements from baseball, basketball, handball, and tennis to create volleyball.

Who is the person invented the sports volleyball?

1895 - William G. Morgan invents the game of volleyball

What four sports did William George Morgan combine to create the game of volleyball?

The four sports that were brought into the case of creating volleyball were tennis and handball, basketball and baseball. Since the creation, baseball isn't as seen in the game of volleyball. When created, volleyball consisted of 9 innings with each team allowed three serves in each inning.

How did the come up with the name volleyball?

well... people like William g. Morgan mixed lots of sports together and the names to come up with volleyball.

What sports were invented by an American?

Basketball - James Naismith (Canadian)Volleyball - William G. Morgan (United States American)

Invention of volleyball?

Volleyball was invented in 1985 by William G. Morgan. He invented it for his businessmen as a form of entertainment that was still competitive and enjoyable, but not as physically aggressive as basketball and other sports. At the time in was called mintonette, but over the years, the name volleyball was established.

What has the author WILLIAM JOHN MORGAN written?


What sports were combined to create the sport of volleyball?

Football and tennis

What sports or volleyball saying can you create using the letters SWAT?


What has the author William P Morgan written?

William P. Morgan has written: 'Contemporary readings in sport psychology' -- subject(s): Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Sports, Sports

Does Prince William play sports?

Prince William has played sports such as volleyball, cricket and water polo. Prince William is the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and is currently married to Kate Middleton.

Is a volleyball a olympic sports?

Yeah, they have regular volleyball and team volleyball.

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