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He played football and was on the swim and track teams in college. In high school he also was on the Basketball team.

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Q: What sports did Ronald Reagan do during high school and college?
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When did Ronald Reagan attended school?

Ronald Reagan graduated from Eureka College in 1932.

What school's did Ronald Reagan go to?

Eureka College and Dixon High School

Who was Ronald Reagan engaged to when he was in college?

Margaret "Mugs" Cleaver was Reagan's sweetheart in high school and throughout college.

What school did Ronald Reagan graduate from?

Ronald W. Reagan graduated from: Dixon High School, Dixon, Illinois Eureka College, Eureka, Illinois - 1932

Was Ronald Reagan's school private public or was he homeschooled?

Reagan went to public schools through high school. His college, Eureka College, is private.

How many years did Ronald Reagan go school?

Reagan went through grade school and high school and four years of college.

What school Ronald Reagan go to?

Reagan attended Dixon High School in Dixon, Illinois. He graduated from Eureka College in 1932.

What degrees did Ronald Reagan have and what did he studied in school?

Ronald Reagan graduated with a liberal arts degree from Eureka College in 1932. He majored in economics and sociology.

Did Ronald Reagan go to law school after college?

No- Reagan did not go to law school nor do any graduate study after his 4-year BA degree from Eureka College,

What is President Ronald Reagan's educational background?

He studied in Dixon High School and in Eureka College.

When was Ronald Wilson Reagan Middle School created?

Ronald Wilson Reagan Middle School was created in 2012.

When was Ronald W. Reagan High School created?

Ronald W. Reagan High School was created in 2005.

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