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Jackie Robinson attended Pasadena Junior College. He was a quarterback and safety on the football team and a shortstop on the Baseball team. He was also a long jumper on the track team. He later got a scholarship to UCLA and played the most sports by a single person in the schools history

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Q: What sports did Jackie Robinson play in college?
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What 4 sports did Jackie Robinson play in college?


Did Jackie Robinson like to play sports?


Which sports did Jackie Robinson play?

Jackie Robinson played football, baseball, track, tennis and basketball.

Did Jackie Robinson play basketball in college?

Yes he did

What college Jackie Robinson Play baseball?


What sports did Jackie Robinson play in his childhood?

Baseball stupid

When did jackie Robinson attend UCLA and play four sports?


What other college sports Jackie play?


How many sports did Jackie Robinson play and what are they?

4 sports track,football,baseball,and basketball

What sports did Jackie Robinson play for UCLA?

track, football, basketball, and baseball

What did Jackie Robinson love to do other than play sports?

He loved everything :)

What sports did Jackie Robinson play growing up?

that's a tuff one

What kind of sports did Jakie Robinson play at college?

Jakie robinson excelled in three sports at college it was basketball hokey and football

How many sports did Jackie Robinson play?

He played 4 sports, track, baseball, basketball, and football.

Why did Jackie Robinson play 5 sports?

Jackie Robinson needed money to support his family. Black athletes were very underpaid in the 1940s and 1950s.

While in collage Jackie Robinson excelled in three sports other than baseball?

Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to play Major League Baseball. In college, he played basketball, football, baseball and ran track.

Who was the first African American athlete to play two professional sports?

Jackie Robinson

How many years after graduating college did Jackie Robinson play baseball?


What position in football did Jackie play?

Early on in college Jackie Robinson was a quarterback, and saftey. Before he went into the service Jackie Robinson was a running back for a semi pro team.

Did any of Jackie Robinson's family play any sports?

one of his brothers played football.

What sports did jackey robberson play?

HE PLAYED baseball for the la dodgers his name jackie robinson

What did Jackie Robinson do in college did he play baseball?

Baseball, Track & Field, and Football at UCLA.

What sport did Jackie Robinson play?

Jackie Robinson was a professional baseball player.

What did Jackie Robinson play as a kid?

Jackie Robinson played baseball as a kid.

How did Jackie Robinson decide to play baseball out of all these sports?

He loved the game, and found a way to play after enrolling in the army.