What sports did France invent?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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softball, hockey, loop the loop

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Q: What sports did France invent?
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What sports do they say in France?

in France they say many different sports but do you mean what sports do the play in France?

What sports did the Mongols invent?

Mongolian wrestling

How many sports centers are there in France?

there is 23 sports centar in France

Which three sports did the Greeks invent first for the Olympics?

They played standard sports.

What type of sports did ancient Judaism invent?


Did France invent tennis?

No, most probably not.

What sports did china invent besides soccer?

baby eating

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What food products did France invent?

french toast

Where did edmond berger invent the spark plug?


Did Edwin Belin invent Television?

yes Edwin Beline did invent television in France the city of Sorbonne

What sports can you play in France?

Popular sports played in France include football, judo and tennis.