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well, let's see: you could do gymnastics, though most moves would be harder the older you are. you could do figure skating, or hockey, or if you are a girl, Cheerleading. hope this helps! ;)

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Q: What sports can you start at age 16 and compete at a state or national level in?
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What sports can you start at age 16 and compete at a high level in?

its possible in cricket tendulkar debuted when he was 16 yrs old

Does the 5 yr window to compete in NCAA sports start when you enroll in college as a freshman without participating in sports or does it start the semester you start playing?

Yes it does when you are a freshman in college .

How old do you have to be to compete in gymnastics?

You have to be 6 years old to start competing level 4. You have to be 16 to compete in the Olympics.

What sports teams that start with the letter E?

Sports teams that start with the letter e:Eagles - Philadelphia Eagles team in the National Football LeagueEdmonton Eskimos is a football team in the Canadian Football LeagueEdmonton Oilers is a team in the National Hockey League

Why is it impossible for exponential growth to continue forever?

Organisms start to compete for resources.

Where can you try out for the Olympics?

The athletes competing in the Olympics have first to be chosen to be part of their national team. You start local and if you get into your national team and your times there are above a 'world' set threshold, your national team can compete in the Olympics with you in it.

How young can you be to compete in olympic judo?

18 to enter judo in the olympic level, but i doubt you would get in anyway, you gotta get to the level first, then start trainin for the next olympics

Is 18 to old to start a motocross career?

No, acutally your supposed to start when your small but if you want to do motocross get a 250 2 stroke or a 450 4 stroke and compete in National races and get sponsored.

What sports teams start with the letter o?

The Orlando Magic is a team in the National Basketball Association. It begins with the letter O.

What are lifetime sports?

A lifetime sport is any sport you do over the course of your life. Such things would be golf or swimming. You can start those at an early age and play or compete all through out your lifetime.

What is the summer Olympic sports?

Its a series of national games held every 4 years where ever country in the world submites their top athletic competitors in their country to the olympic games to compete against other countries for a metel. The olympic games were invented in ancient Greece but lost until people came together back in the late 1800s to start them again.

How can I become a soccer coach?

Play the game, study the game, start at a lower level, take classes in sports science.

How do you compete for school sports day?

I don't know properly, but we can start with a very good morning. It is a very special occasion as all know it's annual sports day, the finals of running races - 100 200 & 600 meters etc will be held first, let's start with the march past by all 4 houses. then there will be more you can develop.

Why ist Michelle Kwan still skating?

She retired. she was getting quite old to be a professional figure skater and compete at that level. Those jumps are extremely hard on your body and it will start to wear on it.

When did Austria start to compete in the Olympics?


When do people start training for a sports career?

right around when they ever start playing sports

When does californication season 2 start?

it will start in June to compete with entourage =O) cant wait!!!

Sports that start with the letter x?

There are a couple of sports that start with x such as Xare Raquetsportand Xingyguan Martial Arts.

When did other countries start to compete in the Olympic games?


When did all the world start to compete in the Olympic Games?


When did Australia start wearing green and gold as their national colors?

Australia's national colours of green and gold were proclaimed by the Governor General of Australia on 19 April 1984. They are the colours of our national emblem, the Golden Wattle. Green and gold have been associated with sports in Australia since the late 1800s.

Can a British born young Indian girl compete in bodybuilding if so where do you start?

Start in india itself

Can you start gymnastics again after having a 6 year break?

In my opinion, you can always go back. However, if you are looking at competing again, it kind of depends on how old you are and what kind of shape you are in. Also, it matters what level you wish to compete at.

You would like to compete in equestrian in the Olympics where do you start?

Many riders start in 4-H, Pony Club, or other riding clubs. You could also compete in schooling shows or on a high school or college team.

When did sports start?

Sports have been around for thousands of years.