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Skiing, Snowboarding, etc.

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Q: What sports can you get on mountans?
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Ninety percent of Greece is coverd by?

mountans, large rocky mountans.

In which province are the rocky mountans located?


What is the synonym for hills?

the synonym for hills is mountans

Is Mount Whitney part of the Sierra Mountans?


Does Mercury have mountans?

Yes it does, except that the correct spelling is mountains.

High Mountans in Europe?

the highest mountains in Europe is alps

What is the shape of the land in Ireland?

a few mountans and lots of green

Who found a the pass through the Appalachian mountans?

Daniel Boone

What is grown and made in Alaska?

Gold from mountans, animals that were, and Alaskans that were.

What is created when two continental plates collied?

Mountans and volcanoas

The mountans that separate France Italy and Switzerland are called?

The Alps

What are some mountains in Canada?

Rockie Mountans, Cascade Mountains

How do mountans form?

plate boundries move together to form mountains.

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the ohio river

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People who live near mountans are the one who get hurted

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The rockies aka the rockey mountans are in banff Canada

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No, a river can't start from the ocean, but it can start from mountans and lakes.

Where are rocky mountans located?

the Rocky Mountains are located in the Yukon, British Columbia, and Alberta.

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it is covered in ice nd if cold and has mountans and stuff

What kind of land features does New York have?

# flat platoes, water falls, sea water, and mountans

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The himalyan mountans and........... The Himalayan mountains are in India... =.= by the way...the spelling is wrong too... =.=

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They cut terraces into the steep sides of the mountans to creat more farm land.

What does the Land of Stones look like in Naruto?

It's like mountans. It was on the last new episode of naruto on satrday 19

How does geography impact human settlement and development of civilizations?

if you live in the mountans then you will freeze to death oryou will not have the rescources that you need to survive.

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