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Football, Baseball, softball, hockey

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Q: What sports are you required to wear a helmet for?
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What age is required to wear helmets?

all ages are required to wear a motorcycle helmet, unless you live in a state where there are no helmet requirement... but there are not too many states that don't have a helmet requirement

Do you need a helmet on in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, riders 17 and younger are required by law to wear helmets. If you are over 17, you are not required by law to wear a helmet

Is it legally required to wear a helmet longboarding?

That depends on where you are. States/provinces and municipalities decide whether or not a helmet is required.

What is the age limit to wear a helmet in ontario?

All Bicycle riders under 18 are required to wear a helmet

Are horse riders required to wear a helmet by law?

no. no.

Did Wayne Gretzky have to wear a helmet?

For a while he didn't have to, but then the NHL required the use of a helmet.

What sports do you wear a helmet?

Football, sometimes baseball and Hockey

What can be done to prevent brain injuries in sports?

Wear a helmet.

Do you have to wear a helmet while driving a quad on public roads?

You're not required by law to wear a helmet but i suggest u do

Motorcycle operators or their passengers are not required to wear a helmet. True or False?

they are required

Are motorcycle riders and passengers required to wear a helmet in California?

Motorcycle rider and passengers are required to wear a helmet in california. It is a good law since chances of surviving a motorcycle crash without a helmet are slim.

Is it required to wear jockstrap in Sports?


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