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Norway has lots of snow in the winter, so skiing is a popular sport there. Handball, football, and Basketball are also very popular. The girls mostly play handball, while the boys mostly stick to football and basketball.

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Q: What sports are played in Norway?
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What are the most played sports in Norway?

Soccer, Handball, Skiing.

What sports has Norway invented?


What sports are played the most in Norway?

Football (soccer) is definitely the most famous summer sport in Norway. There are several popular winter sports, but Norwegians are very good in cross country skiing, and that's a popular sport in Norway. We're one of the best winter sports nations in the world in sports such as ski jumping, biathlon and cross country. But to answer your question I have to say soccer.

Is Norway famous for anything?

Oil and skiing sports.

What are Norway's sports and hobbies?

Most popular sports are cross-country skiing and football (association).

What are the names of Norway sports?

Hockey, soccer, but mostly skiing.

Which country is bigger Norway or sweeten?

Sweeden is bigger than Norway. Both in total area and population. But not in winter sports.

What sports are Norway compiting in at 2010 olympic winter games?


What are the most popular sports activities in Norway?

Football, handball and golf

What is the geography of Norway?

mountains, curving roads, rivers, part of Norway above arctic circle, good for skiing and winter sports

What sports are played in djibouti?

the sports that are played in djibouti are tennis

What sports are played in Greece?

all sports played in the U.S.A

Were Sports played in 1880?

Yes sports were played in the 1880s!!!!!!!!

What sports do you play in Norway?

Many Norwegians play sports. Some typical sport examples are: - Football - Handball - Skiing

What sports were played in 1968?

All the same sports that are played today.

What kind of sports were played in Sparta?

Spartans played Olympic Sports

What are some of the sports played in the Midwest region?

What sports are played in the Midwest

How many sports are played in Syria?

There are 60 sports played in Syria.

How many sports are played in Hawaii?

Many sports are played in Hawaii!!

What months are American sports played in?

If you account all sports then all year long sports are played.

What is the difference betindoor and outdoor sports?

indoor sports are played outdoors and outdoor sports are played indoors

What is the major sport played in norway?


What sport is played in Norway?

Football Curling

Which European country is famous for winter sports?

For example- Switzerland, Austria, Norway, etc.

What sports are played in Vietnam?

Baseball and soccer are the main sports played in Vietnam