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Soccer is one example

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Q: What sports are played at the basketball arena?
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Where is basketball played at biejing?

Basketball is played at the Wukesong Culture and Sports Center - Olympic Basketball Arena.

Do any sports teams play professionally in the MEN Arena?

No teams currently call the MEN Arena home. Previously, there were British basketball and ice hockey teams from Manchester that played there. Now the arena is primarily used for concerts, UFC fights and boxing matches.

What sports are played in Miami?


What sports can be played by yourself?


What sports are played in Tennessee?

Football and Basketball.

What sports did ti play?

He played Basketball

What are some sports that are played in Taiwan?


What is a kohl center Madison Wisconsin?

The Kohl Center is a sports arena, mainly used for college basketball and hockey.

What sports AZ?

I know what sports are in Arizona, like Football, baseball, hockey, basketball, arena football, car racing, mountain biking, and mountain climbing.

What are the four main sports played at the Paralympics?

one of the main sports is basketball

What are all the sports obama played?

He played basketball and many others

What are some winter sports that are held indoors?

Curling, figure skating, hockey, speed skating, basketball, arena football