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train bombing

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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How did badminton originate

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Q: What sports are no longer played in the Olympics?
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What sports are no longer in the Olympics?

What sport are no longer on the olympics

What are the 10 sports played at the Olympics?

There is a lot more than 10 sports played at the Olympics, in fact, there are about 380 sports in the summer and winter Olympics combined.

How many sports were play in 2004 Olympics?

There were 33 sports played during 2004 olympics.

Which sports where in ancient Olympics but are no longer in the modern Olympics?

lion fighting fighting each other

How much Olympic sports are played in the Olympics?

36 sports

How many sports were played in the first Olympics?

9 sports.

Which sports not played in the Olympics?


What two sports will no longer be a part of Olympics after 2008?

Baseball and softball.

What are the sports played in the summer Olympics?


When and where are sports played in Mali?

Where? of course in Olympics.

What are five sports that are no longer in the Olympics?

games games games games games

What are 2 sports in the Olympics that are not played anymore?

all of them

What sports are played now but not when the Olympics began?


How many sports have been played in the Olympics?


What sports was played in ancient Greek Olympics?


What sports were played at the first Olympics?

o duno

How many sports will be played at the 2012 Olympics?


How many sports were played in the 1948 Olympics?


What sports did ancient Greeks play in the Olympics?

They played the high jump and other sports

How many times have to US teams played each other in the Olympics?

there are 28 sports in the olympics

How many sports will be played in the Olympics?

well, there will be approx. 2 sports in the 2012 olympics. there will be gymnastics, and the sport that involves running or something. hope this helped!

What sports were played in the 1976 Montreal Olympics?

Long jump

What are the three sports that are played indoor at the Olympics?

u tell me

Which sports will not be played in London Olympics in 2012?

baseball and softball

What sports were taken away from the Olympics?

After the 2008 Games in Beijing, baseball and softball were dropped and will no longer be competed at the Summer Olympics. Some of the other sports that have been dropped from the Olympics include golf, polo, rugby, and tug-of-war.