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of course soccer

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2009-04-07 07:15:39
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Q: What sports are most popular year round in Germany for kids?
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What sports do kids play in France?

Football, tennis, rugby, cycling, basketball, skiing are popular sports for kids in France.

What are the most popular sports in Australia for kids?

ping pong

What are some popular magazines for kids?

There are many magazines available for kids. Some of the popular ones are National Geographic Little Kids, Sports Illustrated Kids, American Girl, and Twist.

What sport do japan kids play?

Sports like soccer and baseball are popular among Japanese kids.

What sports are popular for kids in Spain?

Generally, soccer (football, en Espanol) is the most popular sport.

What types of indoor sports are popular for kids?

Kids usually enjoy most indoor sports. The current most popular ones include indoor soccer, racquetball, squash, ping pong, gymnastics, bowling, and many others.

What are the most popular sports played by kids in America?

Baseball, soccer, football, basketball.

What football games for kids are available online?

Kids love to play all sorts of sports games. There are sports video games that are quite popular too! One online football game that kids enjoy is called FlagBall. It is available as an app.

Do kids in Europe play organized sports?

i have lived in Europe Germany to be exact and yes they do play organized sports mostly basketball and soccer though hoped this helped.

Breakdown of sports played by kids?

most sports are played by kids !! :P :)

When was Sports Illustrated Kids created?

Sports Illustrated Kids was created in 1989.

What adult sports magazine publishes an edition for kids?

Sports Illustarted publishes a Sports Illustrated for Kids I believe :]

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