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Soccer and Rugby

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Q: What sports are italians good at?
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What Sports do only Italians play?

There is really no sport that only Italians play. They play a lot of the vewry populaar sports so..

What sports to Italians play?

soccer and hockey

What are the sports Italians play?

Soccer is their main sport....

What are some sports Italians play?

bowling, soccer, bocce ball

What types of sports do the Italians play?

soccer i looke it up on

Why do people in italy hate sports?

They don't. The Italians are very big Soccer fans.

What do Italians do for fun?

Italians love sports and are renowned for their love for sports. Many of the sports they play are football, rugby, cycle and auto racing. They even have Gondola (regatta) races every first Sunday of September. Italians also love music. From folk music to classical music has always played an important role in Italy. Opera (a type of classical) was started in Italy. Italians also use their food to entertaing guests, family and friends.

Do you say good in sports or good at sports?

You say good at sports because you cannot be in a sport. You can be involved in a sport but not good in sports!

What sports do Italians play?

Most Italian kids play soccer! As well as this itailians like to swim, cycle and play tennis. they hold big championships for these sports

What is Italians favourite sport?

The most popular sports in Italy is Football better known in the United States as Soccer.

What sports did Italy represent for the London Olympic 2012?

No Italian teams present for the sports of basketball, field hockey, football, and handball in these Games. Italians 284 athletes competed in all the other 22 sports

Was michelangelo good at sports?

We have no data whether he was good at sports or not.

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