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Almost every sport except ones that they could get something broken

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Q: What sports are good for children?
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Are sports good for children?

yes sports are good for children because a good exercise is good and they could like if they would let them try it

How is sports good for school?

so children can be active

Why are sports people good role models?

because children want to be sports stars when they are older. The sports people show children that they can get there someday and teaches kids never to give up and stay strong. It also teaches children how to be healthy as most sportsmen and women are.

What are some good fitness sports for young children?

There are many good fitness sports available in every community. Many children enjoy playing in team sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball or softball. These types of sports can be played at any age or fitness level. Other children may prefer playing certain sports alone or in small groups or classes. Figure skating, gymnastics, swimming/diving, or track and field would be great activities for children that like to do things by themselves.

How do sports affect child obesity?

Sedentary lifestyle in children or adults is not good at all. Sports helps the body shed fat and keep the blood circulation in good condition.Exercise and sports should be encouraged at all levels.

Do children try harder in acedemics if sports are only available if students have good grades?

If they are very interested in playing one of the sports, then yes.

Why sports are good for kids?

Sports get kids off the couch and out into to the fresh air where they can exercise and keep healthy. Sports also teach children to work as a team, and to get along with others.

Are sports stars good role models to young people?

Of course, sports stars also inspire young children. Sports stars can inspire children to grow up wanting to be like them. But Sports stars are mainly a good role model because sport stars show to persevere, keep determined they show courage. Young people reflect on this and thats how they become good role models.

What are some good kids sports for my children to play?

There are many great sports available for children to play and stay active. Soccer is a great option for both boys and girls. They can also play hockey or baseball.

What sports do children play in Australia?

Common children's sports include:cricketsoccertouchAFLvolleyballkick-itlacrosserugbyhockeyswimmingnetballbasketballsoftballt-ballbaseball

How do you promote peace through sports?

you can promote peace through sports by showing good sportsmanship and also athletes can guide little children to a better living.

Do you say good in sports or good at sports?

You say good at sports because you cannot be in a sport. You can be involved in a sport but not good in sports!