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Gaelic Football and Hurling, Ireland's two national sports, are the main sports associated with the GAA. Handball, Rounders and Camogie (the Hurling equivalent for women) are also associated with it.

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Q: What sports are associated with GAA?
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How do you play GAA?

You cannot play GAA. The GAA is an organisation, not a sport. It governs a number of sports including Gaelic Football, Hurling, Camogie, Handball and Rounders. The rules of those sports are all different.

Is racquetball part of the gaa?

No.. Football, hurling, camogie, handball snd rounders are the 5 gaa sports

Why did the founders of the GAA want to set up a club like the GAA?

To promote Irish sports and culture.

What age is darragh daly from GAA sports?


Is the soccer a part of the GAA?

No. The GAA is the governing body of the sports of Gaelic Football and Hurling, as well as a number of other sports. The Football Association of Ireland runs soccer in Ireland.

What sports are covered by GAA?

Hurling Gaelic Football Handball Camogie Rounders

What is the mayo football team torrow?

You will find the details of teams on the GAA website or the Mayo website or many of the newspaper websites in Ireland and Irish TV stations, in their sports sections. The GAA and Mayo GAA websites are below.

What is ireland sports and recreations?

Mainly GAA- Gaelic football, football, hurling and rugby

Is Hurling football soccer rugby golf and horse racing all in GAA?

No. Hurling, Camogie, Gaelic Football, Rounders and Handball all come under sports of the GAA. Soccer, rugby, golf and horse racing are not part of the GAA.

What is bigger a soccer pitch or a GAA pitch?

A GAA pitch is larger.A GAA pitch is larger.A GAA pitch is larger.A GAA pitch is larger.A GAA pitch is larger.A GAA pitch is larger.A GAA pitch is larger.A GAA pitch is larger.A GAA pitch is larger.A GAA pitch is larger.A GAA pitch is larger.

Why did the GAA prohibit certain people from playing Irish sport?

The GAA encouraged people to play Gaelic Football and Hurling, Ireland's two main sports, and some other sports. They did not encourage people to play other sports such as soccer and rugby, because they were seen as foreign sports. The rules that banned people playing these other sports was removed in 1971.

What are some words associated with sports?

There are a millions of words that can be associated with sports. Sprint, backstroke, match, hike, and punt are all words associated with sports.

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