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Kentucky is known for the annual running of the Kentucky Derby horse race.

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Q: What sports are Kentucky known for?
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Related questions

What are the professional sports teams in Kentucky?

Kentucky does not have a professional sports team.

What is Kentucky's sports team?

the Kentucky wildcats

What race is known as the most exciting two minutes in Sports?

The Kentucky Derby, held on the first Saturday in May, is known as "The most exciting two minutes in sports." It is also known as "The fastest two minutes in sports" and "The run for the roses."

What is the king of sports?

The "King of Sports" is the Kentucky Derby/horse racing.

What are the 3 Kentucky's sport teams?

The three Kentucky's sports teams arebasketballfootballsoccer

What is the best sports team in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team.

Is Kentucky known for dairy product?

No, I think Kentucky is more known for Kentucky blue grass and thoroughbred race horses (Kentucky Derby).

How long does the Kentucky Derby last?

The Kentucky Derby festival lasts a total of two weeks although the race only last about two minutes but it is known as the two most exciting minutes in sports.

What kind of sports are in Kentucky?

A sport that is in kentucky is horse racing. There are over 500 farms in Kentucky alone, and many famous races such as the Kentucky Derby.

What area in Kentucky is known for its racehorse farms?

The Lexington Kentucky area is known for its racehorse farms. The Kentucky Derby is held in Louisville Kentucky each year.

Are there any pro sports teams in KY?

No, Kentucky doesn't have a professional sports team.

Where is the Northern Kentucky Sports Hall Of Fame Inc in Union Kentucky located?

The address of the Northern Kentucky Sports Hall Of Fame Inc is: 10180 Ash Creek Drive, Union, KY 41091-9653

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