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Lacrosse is one of North America's oldest sports and it's a Native American sport ...

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Q: What sports and games did the Native Americans play?
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Related questions

What kinds of games did the native Americans play?

The kind of games (or sports) the Native Americans played was baseball:)

What games did the native Americans play in the long houses native Americans?

I don't know what your saying

What games did native Americans play?

Double Ball

Before jim thorpe were native americans allowed to play pro sports?

Yes Native Americans were allowed to play before Jim Thorpe. Typically the racial barrier in sports was specifically directed towards African Americans and generally players from Latin, Native American or other ethnic groups were allowed to play. One such example is Jimmy Claxton who was one of the first to brake the professional baseball color barrier when he played two games for the Oakland Oaks. Claxton was allowed to play because it was believed he was Native American from a Oklahoma tribe; However within a week, a friend of Claxton revealed that he had both Negro and Native American ancestors, and Claxton was promptly fired.

What games do Native Americans play?

They played a game called hoop and pole .

What games did the Native Americans play?

They liked to play lacrosse,soccer and counting coups

What sports did native amricans play?


When were African Americans able to play sports with whites?

african americans were able to play sports with caucasion people in the 1950s,.

What were the first sports?

Lacrosse one of the first sports. The Native Americans used to play with a human head instead of a lacrosse ball. The winners of the game were honored by being killed as a sacrifice.

Do malasians play the same sports Americans do?

No, actually they don't. They play some American sports but, they also play their own sports.

How many Americans play outdoor sports?

Millions of people play outdoor sports.

Why did Indians play sports?

Every color should be treated the same, so who cares if (THE CORRECT TERM IS NATIVE AMERICANS) native Americans played, they had all the rights, like everyone, to play any sport. If you want a better answer, be more specific like, year, century, tribe ;) PEACE ;D

What percentage of Americans play sports US sports?


Did native Americans play games?

yes, they played a game called hoop and pole that they used for accuracy while hunting

How did the Native Americans play apart in the battle of Gonzales?

Not at all. Native Americans have a long history of laziness.

What do most native Americans do for entertainment?

Native Americans are not second class citizens as people think. They actually entertain themselves very similar to those who are not Native American. They watch TV, play sports, exercise, etc etc. But they also do cultural rituals which is very common in reservations like the Navajo and Cherokee.

What are sports and games?

Sports and games are things you can do. Sports are things you play either inside or outside. You can play on a team or by yourself. Games on the other hand are sort of alike sports but games could be many things... for example you can play a board game which is a game that you sit down and play with a board.

Did Native Americans play lacrosse?

Yes native Americans did play lacrosse. they invented it, but they played it differently than we do today.

What sports do Americans play?

the main sports Americans play are basketball, football,soccer, saadly hockey, baseball, snowboarding, skateboarding,skiing, bmx, and car racing.

What sports did Americans play in the 1930s?


How did sports come around?

well the early settlers came to discover America. some of those people were english. they brought all sorts of sports to play. an dwhen all-americans were born we started to catch on. we started to invent games for people to play. and now on we play these games that were inventd 100s of years ago.

What sports do both Latin Americans and North Americans play?

Baseball and soccer.

What is the difference between play and sports?

To play is to play anything, from imaginary games to sports to videogames. Sports are many games that range from one guy against another to teams against teams.

What role did the Native Americans play in the war?

The native American Indians :D

Is there a game you could play with you Friend?


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