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Tenis or Horse racing

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Q: What sporting event was the Globe's main competition for business?
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Which word means almost the same as competition?

contest sporting event

What famous NZ sporting event is known as the longest day?

The Iron man competition

When was EuroGames - LGBT sporting event - created?

EuroGames - LGBT sporting event - was created in 1992.

Why is timekeeping imortant in sports?

Timekeeping is integral to the successful run of a sporting event because it is the only basis for record-keeping for sporting events. And let's face it, there is no competition without something to base a competition on; personal bests and world records cannot be obtained without proper timekeeping.

Is the Olympics the biggest event?

It is the biggest sporting event.

What sporting event has fosbury flop?

Dick Fosbury created the Fosbury flop. The sporting event is high jump.

What was the first sporting event to be aired on radio?

The first sporting event to be to publicly broadcasted was a boxing match in 1921.

What is the longest running sporting event in the United States?

The longest runing sporting event in the USA is the Kentucky Derby

What is Boston's most famed sporting event that is 26 miles long?

The famed sporting event is the Boston Marathon.

What sporting event does yum brands sponsor?

yum! brands has sponsored every sporting event since 1945

Is the Super Bowl the most watched single sporting event in the world?

No, the Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in the United States. The most watch sporting event in the world would be the World Cup (soccer).

Where online can you find discount sporting event tickets?

You may be able to get some discount sporting event tickets on Stubhub. They usually have tickets for just about every major event.