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Q: What sport would you associate lance Armstrong?
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Where can one find tips on Lance Armstrong's training regime?

There are many places one might go to learn tips concerning Lance Armstrong's training regime. However, the most reputable resource would likely be the Lance Armstrong website.

With which sport would you associate nick faldo?


What sport would you associate the riders cup?

horse race

What sport would you associate the term volzing with?

Pole Vault

Is lance Armstrong religious?

Lance Armstong is a well known atheist. He has been qouted saying "if there was a God, I would still have two nuts".

Are lance Armstrong running shoes worth buying?

Yes, the lance armstrong running shoes are a good pair of shoes. It may seem ironic that someone that rides a bike would have a running shoe, but they work great.

How did Lance - Armstrong persevere?

he would not give up on his self when he got cancer he would not even give up on cycoling

How did lance Armstrong react to the news of having cancer?

He reacted with panic of not knowing weather he would survive or not.

Why would someone not want to be Lance Armstrong?

Because he has cancer. No one want to live with cancer, even if they are famous.

What sport would you associate with cold Christmas and Christmas holiday?

I would associate ice skating or sledding or mountain sports with cold Christmas and Christmas holiday.

Why did Lance Armstrong start the 'Lance Armstrong foundation'?

To HELP others survive Cancer.This was a noble gesture by Lance Armstrong through his Livestrong foundation to help premote Cancer awareness and to unite people in the Fight Against cancerBeing a cancer survivor himself, he thought that he'd put his fame to some good use by starting a foudnation that would support other cancer victims.

Who is the number one sport cycling athlete in the world?

It is not possible to determine who the number one cyclist in the world would be because cycling is not a consistent sport. While there are many great athletes in the sport, it varies depending on the course and the weather. This being said, many considered Lance Armstrong to be the best until he was stripped of his titles for drug use.

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