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Golf... You get it for winning the PGA tour

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Q: What sport wins a green jacket?
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What happens during the green jacket ceremony when a golfer wins back to back?

When a golfer wins back-to-back Masters, the chairman of Augusta National Golf Club (William Porter Payne) puts the green jacket on the champion.

What brand was the green jacket Ellen page wore in Juno?

What green jacket? The one on the cover? That was more of a black-green jacket. ----

I were a green jacket on the out side?

Yes, you can wear a green jacket on the outside of your clothing. Green is a popular color.

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What is the Past tense of the word sport?

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Who won his green jacket in 2006?

Phil Mickelson won his second Green Jacket in 2006.

What was the name of the Canadian golfer that won a green jacket in 1994?

What Green jacket are you talking about? It wasn't the Masters.

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What does Geronimo Stilton wear?

Occasionally, he wears a green jacket and green pants with a red tie Occasionally, he wears a green jacket and green pants with a red tie

What do you win in the masters?

Green jacket

Why do they wear green jackets for winning the masters?

The green jacket, actually a blazer, is the official jacket of members of Augusta National Golf Club. The winner of the masters becomes an honorary member and is therefore awarded a green jacket of his own.

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