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Q: What sport were Converse All-Star tennis shoes first used for?
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What are convese shoes?

Converse is a major brand of tennis shoes.

How much did Converse tennis shoes cost in1961?

converse shoes in 1970s price

Where are converse tennis shoes made?


When were Converse shoes first produced?

Converse shoes were first produced in Massachusetts in 1908 by Marquis M. Converse

Are converse a great shoe?

It used to be. I prefer Converse. But I have found that the tennis shoes that I buy from Converse are not comfortable. After walking or standing in them for several hours, I find that my feet are sore. I now buy Nike tennis shoes. They seem to be a little more comfortable.

Is converse shoes availble in Pakistan?

Yes... Converse Shoes are avalible in Pakistan if you happen to live i Lahore visit Phase-1 central market there is a shoe called 'Gravitiy' you can get Converse from there from original to allstar all are avalible there are also available in many other shops around Pakistan

What type of shoes does progressive flo wear?

She wears navy blue converse tennis shoes.

Who is credited with the invention of tennis shoes?

The first tennis shoes, characterized by a rubber sole and a cavas upper, were developed by the Liverpool Rubber Company in the early 19th century. While there is no official inventor of the tennis shoe, companies such as Converse and Keds helped make them popular.

Are sneakers and tennis shoes the same thing?

I think tennis shoes are for sports, or work outs. Sneakers are more of a fashion thing, like keds or converse.

What brand of high top shoes does Selena Gomez wear?

She wears high top Converse tennis shoes.

What is the brand of glenn becks tennis shoes?

Glenn Beck often wears Converse shoes on his television program.

Why do converse tennis shoes have two eyelets near the sole on the side?

Air vents.

What type of clothes did basketball players wear when they first started?

tennis shoes, or old converse coat,dress shirt,tie,suspenders

How much did converse cost in 1908?

Converse first opened its doors in 1908. In 1915 the company introduced the tennis shoe line, costing an average of $1 per pair. By 1957 the Chuck Taylor All-Stars were selling for $3.95 per pair. Read more: How much were the first pair of converse tennis shoes? | Answerbag

What does Ponyboy Curtis dress like?

he wears jeans, t-shirts, boots or tennis-shoes (Converse)

Where did Converse Shoes first originate?

The Converse Shoe originated in Malden, Massachusetts in 1908.

I drew a picture of converse shoes in art and i need a title for it any ideas?

you could do "My Converse Shoes" if you have them if you don't then you can say "Converse" or "Converse Shoes"

Who created the first tennis shoes?

The first tennis shoes were created in 1952 by Robert R. Willingham

What were the first shoes Michael Jordan wore?


When did the first pair of converse shoes come out?


What kind of shoes did the first Europeans wear?


What is the difference to sneakers and hockey shoes?

Sneakers are the type of shoes that isn't suitable for sports e.g converse, vans, DC and are usually for fashion. Hockey shoes are very similar to tennis shoes which can be used on and off the turf.

Are Converse shoes trainers?

No, not all trainers are converse shoes.

Vans shoes vs converse shoes who is better?


What year was tennis shoes made?

tennis shoes were first introduced in the 1800's and were very basic rubber soled shoes.