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Q: What sport was the only sport women could play in colonial days?
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Why was colonial dress makers important in colonial days?

they made dresses and types of clothing for women

Why were women excluded from the ancient Olympic games?

In those days, sport was for men. Women's place was in the home.

In what years did women win different rights?

what rights have women fought for over the years?From colonial days women had worked side by side with men in building new country.

How did women doctors in colonial days dress?

Doctors didn't dress in uniform as doctors would today. The few women who were doctors probably dressed in simple clothes.

What were the colonial or territorial days of Tennessee?

Colonial and/or territorial days of Tennessee?

What did people trade in the colonial days?

so they could get food from other places that they cannot grew or produce.

What was the colonial and territorial days in Florida?

The territorialand/or colonial days of Florida were of the 1700's

The early colonial days of Oklahoma?

the colonial days started when noah got a tape

In the colonial days what did people learn in Delaware?

In the colonial days what did people earn in delaware

A good introduction on women's rights?

could you imagine begin a women? no i think u cant women rights back in the days were harsh days for the women. going through so much trouble and danger.

What are the colonial and territorial days in Kentucky?

their was not a colonial day

What difficulties did women first face on the court in 1896?

Women in those days wasn't used to do sport's By Emir Saglam Marathon Science School Of Excellence

Washington state Colonial and territorial days were?

About the colonial & territorial days in Washington State

What role did women play in teaching in Colonial America?

Virtually everyone below adult age was 'home-schooled' then, and women played the primary role in this function. Ah, the good ol' days.

Colonial days of West Virginia?

In colonial days, the West Virginia as a separate entity did not exist. It became a separate state in 1863, long after the colonial period. It was part of colonial Virginia.

What was it like in the colonial days of Montana?

in colonial days in Montana they were like chicken pot pie today.

Colonial or territorial days in California?

If u wanna know about the Colonial an Territorial days go to :)

What were Wyoming's colonial days?

Wyoming did not have colonial days because it never was a colony. Wyoming was a territory of the US, so would have territorial days.

Is it colonial or territorial days of North Dakota?

It would be territorial days in North Dakota because colonial days were when America was a colony of Great Britain.

What does it mean if a women and a man are trying to conceive and the women's period was two days late and then she got her period she took a test at home and it was negative could she be pregnant?

it could be possible

What causes of death were there in colonial America?

Mainly smallpox during the colonial days in America. Malaria existed too, but smallpox spread like wildfire. -Well for men the number one was tooth decay. For women a lot of them were set on fire from tending the fire place. Childbirth was a huge one in women too.

How long did it take to make a colonial wig?

7 days

How did Deborah Sampson dress like a man?

So she could be in the army cause in the old days women could not be in the army.

Colonial days in Colorado?

Colorado had no involvement in the British Colonial history of the Americas.

Colonial or Territorial Days of California?

Colonial or Territorial?Both.