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Q: What sport was invented in Portugal?
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What sport is in Portugal?

Football is the main sport in Portugal.

What is the best sport that Portugal are best at?

It is football at Portugal.

Was softball the first sport invented?

No it was not the first sport invented.

What is the national sport of Portugal?

The most popular sport in Portugal is futebol (also known as football or soccer in other areas of the world).

Portugal's national sport?

The national sport of Portugal is football, or soccer. It is a huge obsession of the nation and people take it very seriously.

What sport is Portugal good at?


What is Portugal's Main Sport?


Who invented the sport shoes?

Sport shoes were invented by Jim Nasium.

Who invented the sport cricket?

i think Greeks invented the sport cricket

What did Portugal invent?

Portugal invented Port Wine. The name is from one Portugal's cities Porto

Who invented the sport boxing?

who invented the sport boxing

When was the first sport invented?

the first sport ever invented was rugby, in Greenland! :)

Is lacrosse the first sport invented?

yes it was the first sport invented by the Indians

What is portugal's national sport?

Probably football. :)

Who made the sport of basketball?

The sport basketball was invented by a Canadian man. The sport basketball was invented by a Canadian man.

Who invented gymnastices?

the greek invented this sport.

Who invented the sport Touch Rugby?

who invented

National sport of Portugal?

Jackass the movie stunts

What is the most popular spectator sport in Portugal?


What are clothing in Portugal?

dresses, sport coats, pantsuits

What sport was invented in 1890?

Basketball was invented in 1890.

What sport was invented in the 1900s?

Korfball was invented in 1901.

Why was sport invented?

sport was invented to make people less faterer and to do other stuff but i am not sure because i dont no the answer

When sport invented?


What modern day sport was invented in 1973 by NYPD officers?

What modern day sport was invented in 1973 by NYPD officers?

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