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The sport of ice hockey uses the term 'hat trick'.

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Q: What sport uses the term hat trick?
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In what sport would you use the term hat trick?


How many goals is a hat trick in lacrosse?

A hat trick in any sport is three goals.

Baggy Green Googly and Hat-trick are all terms used in what sport?


What sport is hat trick?

A hat trick is 3 goals in a hockey game. The tradition is that fan's literally throw hats on the ice after a player scores his 3rd goal. Frequently the term is expanded and used colloquially to mean 3 of anything in other sports as well. For example, if an outfielder in baseball has 2 errors and has trouble with a fly ball the announcer might jokingly say "I guess he is going for the hat trick".

What is the term a hat trick in the NHL?

When a player scores three goals in a game.

What is the term use for three goals scored in a hockey game?

Hat trick

Where did the term hat trick originate?

The term "hat trick" was first used in 1858 to describe the accomplishment of H. H. Stephenson; taking three wickets in three consecutive balls. A collection was made, as per tradition for an outstanding achievement by a sportsman, and a hat bought with the proceeds was presented to him. While not the first to do this, it is the first recorded instance of such an performance being called a hat trick.

Is it possible to score 2 hat tricks in an nhl game?

Because a double hat trick is really just 6 goals, then technically, yes. But there is not actually a double hat trick, it is just a made up term.

Where did the term hat trick come from?

Hat Trick started as a cricket term used to describe a bowler who took three consecutive wickets. The term is now used in other games and is often applied in soccer to a player who scores three goals in one match.

In English football why are 3 goals called a hattrick?

In sport "3 in a row" is generally described as a hat trick.

Who scored the first hat trick?

H. H. Stephenson took three wickets in a row playing for England against Hallam, in 1858. He was given a hat for his performance; this is the first recording of any use of the term "hat trick" or the actual idea of a hat for three consecutive successes.

Why do people throw their hats on the ice?

When a player scores three times in a sport it is called a "hat trick". From what I understand it came about because the reward for doing so was a new hat. In ice hockey fans throw hats unto the ice to celebrate a player getting a hat trick.

What is it called if you score 6 goals?

A double hat-trick

What rhymes with hat-trick?


What is the fastest an nhl player scored a hat trick and who was it?

The player who holds the record for the fastest hat trick is Bill Mosienko who scored a hat trick in 21 seconds.

How many hat trick did Cristiano Ronaldo score in is history of football?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored --- 21 --- Hat-Tricks in his career ... !!! Uefa Champions League = 1 Hat-Trick (With Real Madrid). English League = 1 Hat-Trick. Spanish Cup = 1 Hat-Trick. Spanish League = 17 Hat-Tricks. Friendly Pre-Season with Real Madrid = 1 Hat-Trick.

Who has scored an international hat trick and a hat trick in all four divisions?

Robert Earnshaw.

Is there a term to identify scoring three goals in the same period?

It's just called a hat trick.

Is there a hat trick in baseball?

It is not an official baseball term but I've heard announcers use "hat trick" to describe a player who struck out 3 times in a single game and for players who have gotten 3 homeruns in a single game.

What happens to your hat after you throw it in a hat trick?

You don't get the hat back.

If you score a hat trick what sport are you playing?

Your are playing any of the following sports, cricket,football,water polo,hockey,basketball.

What is the term for three wickets taken in consecutive balls at cricket?

A hat-trick.The term "hat-trick" is also applied to other feats involving three successes. The original bowler to take three wickets with successive deliveries was HH Stephenson in 1958. A collection was arranged among the spectators, and the player was presented with a hat bought with the money.

What is a hat trick in soccer?

A hat trick in football is when a player scores 3 goals in one game.

What does hat trick mean in hockey?

A hat trick is when a player scores three goals in one game.

Who scored a hat-trick for England in 1966 in the world cup?

Geoff Hurst scored a hat-trick and he became the first man to score a hat-trick in a world cup final.