What sport uses the most math?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: What sport uses the most math?
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What sport uses sport massage most?


What sport uses the most steroids?


Which sport uses the most energy per hour?

what i think of the sport that uses the most energy in an hour is wrestling and track and field because you use youre whole body with that sport

A sport that uses math besides for scoring?

say that a soccer field is 120ft long and its width is14 what is the area?

What kind on engineering has the most math?

Structural engineering uses a tremendous amount of math.

Which sport uses creatine most often?


Which sport uses seroids the most?

Baseball definitley

What is the sport which uses up the most stamina?

Swimming is the sport which uses up most stamina because you use your head, arms, shoulders, legs, and feet by Aran

Why is math important in baseball?

Baseball is a sport that uses a lot of math. Math is important for calculating the statistics for the team and the players. Some of these statistics are batting average, earned run average, and fielding percentage.

Do all teachers use math?

I think they do. Most of the teachers I have use math. Almost everyone (including me!) uses math.

What sport is the most scientific?

Math Homework. Asians have to think very hard.

Who uses math the most?

Engineers and architects, Statisticians and actuaries.