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Polo uses a mallet

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Q: What sport uses a mallet?
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In what sport do you use a mallet?


What are the uses of the tinman mallet?

you can use the tinman mallet to flatten safety edges like a dresser.

What is a mallet hammer?

A mallet is a large hammer usually made of a hardwood. It has specialised uses in some industries.

What sport do players on horseback hit the ball with a mallet?


Is croquet a safe sport for children?

It is safe for children who can handle the croquet mallet. And they need to learn that the mallet is not for hitting people. Also it should be the right size for the child.

What is the answer for what artist uses to mash his paints hink pink?

palette mallet

What sport uses the trapezius?

weight lifting sport uses the trapezius most.

What is the uses of rubber mallet?

For applying force on something you don't want to mark.

What type of instrument is a mallet?

A mallet is a hammer with a large head made of wood In sport it is a long handled wooden hammer used to strike the ball in croquet and polo

What sport uses the largest ball?

The regulation sport that uses the largest ball is basketball.

Which sport uses chalk and pockets?

The sport of pool or pocket billiards uses chalk and pockets.

What sport uses the most muscles?

The sport that uses the most muscles is ballet!

What sport uses sport massage most?


Is bowling a spoort?

Yes it is a sport any sport the uses a bowl is a sport

Which sport uses the term deuce?

The typical sport that uses the term, "deuce", is Tennis or Table Tennis.

Which sport uses a net a racket and a shuttlecock?

Badminton is a racquet sport that uses a net and a shuttlecock.

What winter sport uses brakes?

an Olympic sport=the skeleton

What sport uses a cesta and a ball?

jai alai (sport)

What sport uses the term kitty?

A sport called bowls

What sport uses a pig skin?


What sport uses the term hat trick?

The sport of ice hockey uses the term 'hat trick'.

Which sport uses foil?

Fencing uses a foil (sword).

Which sport uses the cue?

Billiards uses a cue ball.

What sport uses a helmet and a bicycle?

The sport of cycling.

What sport uses the term surfboard?

The sport of surfing.

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