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The sport of cycling.

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Q: What sport uses a helmet and a bicycle?
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What kind of sport helmets protect you from the most impact?

A Bicycle helmet

What is the difference between a bicycle helmet and a moped helmet?

A moped helmet is sturdier, heavier and less ventilated. It is expected to provide decent protection at accidents at higher speeds than a bicycle helmet. A bicycle helmet is lighter, better ventilated and only has to provide decent protection at lower speeds than a moped helmet.

Do you salute the American flag with a bicycle helmet?

First, I assume the question is really..."Do you salute the American flag while you are wearing a bicycle helmet?" If the helmet is part of a uniform, you salute. If it's not, you take the helmet off and hold it over your heart. Second, if the question is..."Do you salute a bicycle helmet with an American flag on it?" then the answer is no.

Does Wisconsin have bicycle helmet laws?

No, Wisconsin does not have a bicycle helmet law, but it is good to wear one to protect your head and your brain from severe damage.

What sport uses the terminology peloton?

Bicycle road racing, it's the name for the main group of riders.

What type of helmet do you need for a bicycle?

Well, a motorcycle helmet would offer more protection, but it'll be a lot heavier and sweatier than a purpose-made bicycle helmet. A skateboard helmet would be a fairly sensible alternative.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Invisible Bicycle Helmet - 2012?

The cast of The Invisible Bicycle Helmet - 2012 includes: Terese Alstin as herself

If i have a helmet and I am under the age of six-teen can you ride a motorized bicycle?

If you have a helmet yes

Who makes the lightest bicycle helmet?

The lightest bicycle helmet is produced a company called Limar. They have two ultralight bike helmets, the ultralight + road and the ultralight + MTB.

Why NYS bicycle helmet law requiring all personsfourteen and underriding a bicycle must wear a helmet?

To prevent head injuries. -------------------- The same reason other places did--- money.

Do you have to wear a bicycle helmet in NH?

It is not illegal to ride a two or three wheeled motor vehicle without a helmet but some form of eye protection is required. On a Bike it is illegal to ride a bicycle without a helmet if you are under 16.

How old do you have to be to ride a bicycle without a helmet in Oregon?


Do you need to wear a bicycle helmet by law in britain if you are over eighteen?

It is recommended that you wear a helmet, but it is not a legal requirement

What is the age limit to wear a helmet in ontario?

All Bicycle riders under 18 are required to wear a helmet

How is wearing a bicycle helmet protecting many systems?

Wearing a helmet protects the head, and many of your body's systems are controlled from there.

How many people have died from not wearing a bicycle helmet?


What are the injuries we can get from not wearing a bicycle helmet?

Head injuries, concussions etc.

How much does a typical bicycle helmet weigh?

about 1/2 pond

What sport do you wear a helmet?

hockey and football

What is a sentence with the word helmet?

When, you read a instruction manual on Bicycle Riding, it tells you for safety reasons always wear a helmet.

What is a sentence with save my allowance?

I want to save my allowance for a cool bicycle helmet.

Should you wear a bicycle helmet?

If they think their heads are worth protecting-sure.

What are the main advantages of wearing a bicycle helmet?

There are a great deal of benefits that you can get by wearing a bicycle helmet. One of the most obvious ones is that of safety - if you have a crash, your head is not likely to be injured. You can also use keep your hair dry.

Do you have to wear a cycling helmet in Australia?

In Australia it is a national law that people of all ages have to wear a bicycle helmet while they are on theirs bikes.

Why do you use a bicycle helmet?

If you fall and hit your head on the sidewalk, a helmet will keep you from busting your head open. If you fall of a bike and land on your head, a helmet will protect you head.