What sport uses a birdie?

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Q: What sport uses a birdie?
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What popular sport uses a birdie?

Also called a shuttlecock, the birdie is used in badminton.

What are sayings in the sport of badminton?

Watch the Birdie! Watch the Birdie!

What sport is there a birdie?


In what sport can you score a birdie or an eagle?


In which sport can you score a birdie?

Golf. Golf.

Which sport would score a birdie?


What sport could bring a birdie on?

well, in golf you can get a birdie...if that's wat u mean

Birdie what sport?

Golf. lol No, It's Badminton.

If you hit the birdie what sport are you playing?

You are playing Badminton.

In what sport is a birdie hit back and forth across the net?


In which sport can you score birdie eagles albatross?

All scores in golf.

What sport could you score a birdie on?

Either bowling,swimming,tennis,or golf

Sport with nets but not ball?

Hockey: (puck) Badminton (birdie). Just some thoughts.

What are the lyrics to bye bye birdie?

Birdie Birdie, sitting on my shelf, Birdie Birdie, falling off my shelf, Birdie Birdie hitting the floor, Birdie Birdie is no more

What sport uses the most muscles?

The sport that uses the most muscles is ballet!

What sport uses the trapezius?

weight lifting sport uses the trapezius most.

What sport uses the largest ball?

The regulation sport that uses the largest ball is basketball.

What sport uses sport massage most?


What sport uses a helmet and a bicycle?

The sport of cycling.

What sport uses the term surfboard?

The sport of surfing.

Which sport uses chalk and pockets?

The sport of pool or pocket billiards uses chalk and pockets.

Which sport uses a net a racket and a shuttlecock?

Badminton is a racquet sport that uses a net and a shuttlecock.

What are the functions of badminton?

Badminton is a game that is played with a birdie and rackets. The goal of the game is to keep the birdie going back and forth over the net without dropping it. The function of the game is both entertainment and sport.

What nicknames does Birdie Sawyer go by?

Birdie Sawyer goes by Birdie.

What sport uses a mallet?

Polo uses a mallet