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Q: What sport today is the same as stickball?
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What was Booker T Washington's favorite sport?


What sport was originally played by Native Americans and later adapted by French and Canadian pioneers?

StickBall Apex: Lacrosse

What was the hopi recreation?

A popular Hopi recreation was the sport of stickball, similar to lacrosse or field hockey. Children also played with dolls.

When did MLB Stickball happen?

MLB Stickball happened in 2008.

Native American slingball the oldest field sport in America was also known as the little brother of war true or false?

False, It was Native American stickball

When was MLB Stickball created?

MLB Stickball was created on 2008-10-08.

Is the sport pato played the same today?

Mostly, but like every sport it has had a few minor changes over the years

Why do people use guns today?

Same reason as always- for defense, for hunting, and sport.

When was New York Emperors Stickball League created?

New York Emperors Stickball League was created in 1985.

When was Sport Today created?

Sport Today was created in 2003.

Where did the sport of Lacrosse originally come from?

Lacrosse originated as stickball played by Native Americans many centuries ago. The actual game of lacrosse originated in the early 17th century in the Americas.

What is the duration of Sport Today?

The duration of Sport Today is 900.0 seconds.

What is a popular sport in Bhutan today?

Polo is a popular sport in Bhutan today.

Where is the sport soccer seen today?

Soccer today can be seen everywhere! :) Very popular sport

Who invented stickball?

big sweaty skidmark

How did figure skating become the sport it is today?

it became a sport today because of its so brilliant and you need to be athletic

What sports cross train with baseball?

Softball, wiffleball, kickball and stickball.

Is there a patent or trademark on the stickball bats from Spalding?

Spalding products carry the registered trademark of the Spalding name and logo; there are a number of patents for stickball bats which may or may not affect the model you are referring to.

Is basketball presently an Olympic sport?

no basketball is not presently an Olympic sport today

Which game is played with a wooden bat and a hard ball?


What did Cherokee Indians do for fun?

They played stickball?

What is a New York City street game?

Stickball, Kick the Can,

How does their sport differ from Australian sport?

they are the same

How was the sport track and field originally played and is it still the same today?

It is very similar to today. But we've upgraded our equipment a lot, and they've thought about adding woman's pole vault to the Heptathlon to make it a... Octathlon?

What are some similarities and differences between sports stars and pro sports in the 1920's and today?

well, in basketball back then, the player's shorts were really short (to short) and today they are pretty long. how they are alike? they both play the sport the same way today.