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Q: What sport to be palyed in the moon?
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What year was golf palyed on the moon?


What is the only sport played in the moon?

the only sport played on the moon was golf by Daniel binks

What sport was firstly played on moon?

Well, no actual sport has been played on the moon. Yet the astronomers have walked on the moon at zero gravity and that's just like High Jumps! So you can say that they have played a sport on moon.

What sport was played on the moon?


What was the sport played on the moon?


What did Kobe Bryant do as a child?

Palyed Ball

Which sport is the only sport to have ever been played on the moon?


What is the only sport played on the moon?


Golf is the only sport to be played where?

the moon

Where is the super bowl 2010 being palyed?


What year was the first world cup palyed in?


What sport did Alan Shepard do on the moon?

Alan Shepard played golf on the moon.

What was Babe Ruth's occupation?

He palyed Baseball....He saved Baseball..........

Could you play sport on Triton Neptune's moon?


What is the most popular leisure sport?

Moon walking

What sport did Neil Armstrong play on the moon?

Neil Armstrong did not play a sport on the moon. Alan Shepard who was the commander of Apollo 14 hit a golf ball on the moon with a 6 iron that he smuggled on the ship, in his clothing.

What year did Vanessa hudgen palyed in high school musical?

in 2007

When online video is palyed volume is not heard .what to do?

If possible download the video..

What song plays when they are in the woods in twilight?

The song that is palyed when they are in the woods is Bell's Lullaby.

What type of music is palyed by an orchestra and has one or more solo instruments?


Has talia from fetch palyed in any films?

I don't believe she has maybe who knows?

When is the first MLB game in 2011?

Whare is the MLB exhibition games palyed

What sport did neil Armstrong play?

Neil Armstrong didn't play any sport but he is famous for the first men landing on the moon

What was the first team thierry Henry palyed for?

His first senior team appearance was with Monaco.

What year did Wayne Gretzky play for Oilers?

Wayne palyed for the oilers in 2026-2039