What sport start with U?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Uneven bars gymnastics, unicycle Basketball and ultimate Frisbee are sports.

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Q: What sport start with U?
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What is a sport that start with 'U'?

under water rugby

Were do you get lots of gold at the start on 9dragons?

well first u get a life and then u play sport or something other then RUNESCAPE

What sport teams start with the letter U?

Ujpest - A Hungarian soccer team

How can you develop your personality through sports?

you start to play the sport and than u practise and than u just get attached if u like it. Pretty sure that doesn't answer the question.

How do you get involved in playing professional sports?

:-)first, start out playing in elementary, middle, and high school with whatever sport u want to play. u then need to do your best in high school and try to get a degree for whatever sport u want to play and try to get in a collage team for your sport. if you are good in college, u will maby be chosen to be in a professinal league. u need to be the best in your sport to be able to get into the pro leage. if you have never played the sport, i think u may not be in the pro leage, but u could still do it for fun! remeber, if u think u will be in a pro league, make sure u have a back up career if u do not get in or you injure yourself in the profesinal sport. Finally, all i say is good luck with trying to get in. it is very hard to get in and not many people get in. i have to say the most easiest pro sport to get in is hocky, but anything could be hard to get into!:-)

Sports are better no sport because?

no sport=no entertainment and u will be fat if u don't excersise

What sport begin with the letter you?

there is not a sport that starts with a letter u

Why did Karate start as a sport?

It didn't start as a sport. Some styles have converted this form of combat into a sport making is safe to 'play.'

Is belly dancing a sport?

it will never be a sport becuase it eats u

Is rollerblading a good sport to lose weight?

NO!!!!!!!!!! Swimming is the best sport to do ~ its not like its a bad sport to do. i am pretty sure u can loose weight as long as u dont take breaks and u have a scedule of doing it

In which sport do you have a not up?

up u

Is gymnastics a famous sport?

gymnastics are a good sport i have to tell u ND i don't know if its a famous sport but it can give u scholarship alot of people (boys,girls) do gymnastics and , u compete with people so i guess its famous hope i helped u :)