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what sports should you do when you want to get stronger

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Q: What sport should you play if you wanted stronger bones?
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Why is paragliding a sport?

because the head of sport wanted it to be

What is the prepositional phrase in the sentence His parents thought working at a sport would make him stronger?

at a sport

Who is stronger Croatia or Serbia?

Croatia of course, no doubt about that. It depends on how do you define stronger. If it's military power then Serbia is stronger. If it's sport then Serbia is stronger.

Why did snowboarding become an olympic sport?

It is not a normal sport it is like a challangeBecause they wanted a new sport.

What is the best kind of sport to streghthen the bones?


Who popularized skeleton the sport?

bones from super ted

What Good sport for long thin bones and why?


What are potential hazards in sport?

broken bones and other injuries.

What sport do you play when your main bones are involved?

Soccer or football.

What is the risk of sports?

It depends on what sport you are on about but most is broken bones

What sport where it would be good to have long thin bones?


Why are participants at risk of injury in sport?

Because you work your bones and muscles during sport and they can get hurt easily!!!

How are skeletal muscle properties important to sport?

so they help you be stronger

How does training improve atheletes?

They will get stronger by exercising and better at their sport by practising

Should hunting be a sport?

Yes hunting should be a sport.

Which bones are more likely to be injured when playing a contact sport such as Australian football?

emorys moms fragile bones

What is The Wanted's favourite sport?

Football (Footy or Soccer) :]

What injuries are caused by forced sport?

broken legs adn bones

Why don't the elderly participate in sport?

because if they did they would brake there bones

How does Arthritis affect sport?

It makes you bones all crunchy and stuff

Name a sport where it would be good to have short thick bones?


Why should you do a sport?

You should do a sport if you want to learn it or if you like watching it

How can sports make you stronger?

Sports builds muscles. It depends what sport you play because each sport builds different muscles.

Should bowling be considered a sport?

"The Sport of TenPin Bowling" is a sport.

What sport mc hammer wanted to play professionally?