What sport says bullpen?

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The word 'bullpen' is used in the sport of baseball.

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Q: What sport says bullpen?
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Related questions

What sport includes a bullpen?

Both baseball and softball include a bullpen.

If your in the bullpen what posi tion do you play in what sport?

Dumb question... generally you'd be a pitcher or a catcher

In baseball why is the bullpen called the bullpen?


Does each team have its own bullpen catchers?

Yes, each team has its own bullpen catchers and bullpen coach.

Why is it called the bullpen in baseball?

in baseball why is it called the bullpen

Who says that hopscotch is a sport?

its not a sport

When was Bullpen Catcher's Dream created?

Bullpen Catcher's Dream was created in 2000-10.

What position is the bullpen in baseball?

A bullpen is one the side of the fence where a pitcher can normally warm up to pitch.

What are the release dates for In the Bleachers - 2002 Bullpen?

In the Bleachers - 2002 Bullpen was released on: USA: 2002

Are the seats in section 50 row 3 at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington behind the bullpen?

Sort of. Row 3 is next to the Rangers Bullpen. You will have to turn your head to the left to watch the bullpen. The bullpen will not be in your line of sight if you are watching the batter. Section 50 is a little off. Part of the section (first 10 rows or so) are in front of section 51 and beside the Rangers bullpen while the rest of the section (rows 11-25?) are behind the bullpen and between sections 49 and 51. Depending on what seat you have, you may have a really good view from behind the catcher looking into the bullpen from row 3.

Is the Atlanta Braves bullpen in right field?

Yes, the Braves bullpen in Turner Field is located on the right side of the outfield while the visiting teams bullpen is located just behind the left field foul poul.

When was the last bullpen car used?

the brewers retired their bullpen harley davidson, complete with a sidecar for the incoming pitcher, after the 1995 season.

Bullpen catchers salaries?

Bullpen catchers who work for Major League Baseball make less than three figures a year. The average salary of a bullpen catcher is usually around $60,000 per year. Some make only $20,000 per year. Bullpen catchers also receive about $89/day for meal money, like the players.

What was Hitler's favourite sport?

hitler's favorite sport was bowling. it says so in a book about him.

Which side is the visitor's bullpen on at kauffman stadium?

The visitors bullpen is in front of sections 150 thru 152 in right field at Kauffman Stadium.

What are the release dates for The Bullpen - 2011?

The Bullpen - 2011 was released on: USA: 9 April 2011 (Sacramento International Film Festival)

What is scooby doo favorite sport?

In Scooby doo Cyber Space Scooby says its eating.

Where is the bullpen located at ranger stadium?

The home bullpen is in right field and if I'm not mistaken has a Sonic Drive In sign on its back wall. The visitors is in left field.

Is bull riding a sport?

Yes. As ford says: It's the toughest SPORT on dirt.

How can you become a bullpen catcher?

Generally, bullpen catchers are minor league quality players. It is not generally a walk on job. Sometimes players that have been injured are given that job.

What is Nicki Minaj's favorite sport?

Rapping she says!!

What is Nicki minajs's favorite sport?

Rapping she says!!

What is Nicki Minaj's favorite sport?

Rapping she says!!

How do you become a bullpen catcher?

I dont know!!!

What does sport mean like not the physical sport?

its like to show it off like if someone says that your a good sport the mean a good show off:) like to sport is to have it visible or to show it off!!