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Q: What sport originated in East Asia that is in the US now?
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How has urbanization impacted east Asia?

Now east asia is a better place

What is the Provincial sport of East Bengal?

The provincial game or sport of East Bengal is Kabaddi., now nationalised by Bangla-desh.

Where did the sport netball originate?

It originated in the United States as women's basketball and is now a major sport in Australia and New Zealand.

Where did ginger root originate?

Ginger root originated in Asia. It now grows in many places throughout Africa and Asia.

Which country is copper found in?

China and East Asia you should now this.

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Guava originated in tropical America (probably Brazil), and is now found throughout the tropical world. It was probably spread eastwards by the Portuguese who planted it in their colonies in South-east Asia, including Malaysia and India.

Where did Buddhism start?

Buddhism was originated from Nepal in Asia and has now spread so that there are Buddhists in nearly every country.

Where was the chemistry originated?

Probably in what is now called the Middle East. Certainly Ancient Egyptians were using what are now recognised as chemical processes.

Were did red wine originate?

No one knows for certain, but it appears that it originated in the Middle East in what is now Iraq.

Where is turmeric originally from?

South East Asia. India is now the world's greatest producer.

What was the old name of a country in South East Asia which is now known as Myanmar?


What continent did Jewish people live on?

Jews originated in Asia, but now live on all 7 continents, including Antarctica.

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