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Q: What sport made althea Gibson famous?
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What made althea Gibson famous?


Have Gibson ever made a guitar that was less than 1000?

yes, a lot. but the most famous one you could get is a Gibson Sg faded for 699.

What made the 1936 Olympics so famous?

It was the most popular sport in the 1936

What sport did he play that made Jackie Robinson famous?

Baseball. Google is your best friend

What was the first guitar Gibson ever made?

mandolins in the 1890s by Orville Gibson , than they made those ES-150s and than finally les pauls where what made them famous.

In which olympic sport did Kieren Perkins and Susie O'Neill make their names?

Kieren Perkins and Susie O'Neil are famous swimmers and that's what sport they made their names in.

What guitar is not made by Gibson?

Every guitar that doesn't say gibson on it! Hahah

What sport made IndianapolisIN famous?

Indianapolis is most famous for its racing! If you are familiar with the Indianapolis 500, one of the biggest car races every year, this might be an easy answer!

What has made Brian Kelly famous?

Football has made Brian Kelly famous . He first played the sport, went on to coach college football teams and now he is the coach to the Notre Dame fighting Irish team .

Who made the five star?

john Gibson

What was made first the Gibson firebird OR the Gibson Explorer?

Explorer-1958 Firebird - 1963 Do I win anything?

When was the first Gibson made?

Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg. Co, Ltd. was first incorporated in 1902