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football because guys tackel hard

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Q: What sport is tuffer hockey or football?
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What sport is rougher hockey or football?

hockey always

What is sport is more popular hockey or football?


Witch sport is more athletic football or hockey?


Which is second biggest sport in the world?

football. Football is the largest sport! The second largest sport is Field Hockey

What sport do you wear a helmet?

hockey and football

Do people consider hockey a sport?

if anyone doesn't consider hockey a sport, they shouldn't consider basketball or football or baseball a sport

Who pays more football or hockey?

football, more people are into that sport

Which sport has the most injuries per year hockey or football?


Which sport wears more equipment ice hockey or football?

ice hockey

What is the favorite sport of Slovakia?

Football and ice hockey.

What is British Columbia favorite sport?

hockey and football

What is the oldest sport known by people?

hockey and football

What is sport popular of Mississippi?

I think that is Hockey and Football!

What sport is not in the Olympic games?

football, hockey and golf

What is the main sport in Alberta?

Hockey, primarily of ice and road hockey. Canadian football is another highly popular sport in Alberta.

National sport of switzeralnd?

Football (Soccer)Ice-Hockey

What is us popular sport?

football, basketball, baseball and Hockey

Is footballl the toughest sport?

Yes hockey might be more dangerous from the hockey shoes hitting into walls and fighting but yes football may be the toughest sport Football and Hockey are both Tough Sports, but wrestling (Not WWE nonsense ) is easily one of the toughest, if not the toughest sport there is.

Is judo the second best sport?

well you can think that it is the best sport but i like hockey and football

Name a sport where players lose teeth?

Almost any contact sport, such as hockey, football, boxing, just for starters. Family Feud Answers: Hockey Boxing Football Baseball Wrestling

What sport is played in Pakistan?

Field Hockey, Cricket,Football And Squash

What sport do players loose teeth?

hockey,football,basketball, MMA

What sport occurs in the fall?

Football,Basketball,a little baseball,Hockey

What sport is more popular soccer or ice hockey or football?


What sport requires an athletic mouth guard?

football and sometimes hockey