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Q: What sport is played in more countries than any other sport?
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Which sport is played more football or soccer?

I would say soccer because that is played all over the world and football is not and it's no really well known in other countries

What is the number 1 spectator sport in the world?

Soccer is the number one sport in the world it is played in every country as an actual professional sport unlike baseball it is only a real sport in the US and like 5 other countriesI think baseball is played in more than 5 other countries. I don't know where you get your information. Horse racing is in the top ten.

What is the most popular sport today?

Soccer, worldwide..In the US, football. Probably Soccer, or Football as it is in other countries. It is played in more countries than any other, a good reason may be , all you need is a ball !! it doesn't

What sport did David Richards play in America?

David Richards played American Football. This game is quite different from the Football played in other countries. It more closely resembles a game called Rugby.

What is the biggest sport played worldwide?

According to Wikipedia, bowling is played by over 95 million people in more than 90 countries worldwide.ok... no soccer is the biggest sport played by 250 million registered players and garnering more than 2 billion fansfootball

Which sport is most popular cricket or socer?

Some say soccer is most popular, some say cricket is more popular. But soccer is more popular in terms of fans. Soccer is played in more than half of the total countries in the world. Cricket is very popular in the countries in which it is played. International Cricket is played by about 20 countries.

Why is the US and Australia the best at swimming?

First of all, height is a huge advantage in swimming, and these countries generally have taller people. Also, swimming is more of a minority sport in other countries, but swimming is a growing sport in these two countries that have become a main part of these countries' summer Olympics.

What sport is the English best at?

The English are the worlds best players of Croquet, having won more World cups in the sport than all of the other countries put together.

The world richest sport?

Football (Soccer to Americans)With it being the most popular and most played sport in the world it generates far more money than any other sport.

What is the main sport played in belgium?

well Belgium has a professional basket ball team and a professional soccer team. from all the statistics, soccer would be there main sport because they have won more soccer titiles that any other sport and there are more people trying out for soccer teams that any other sport.

Is football more played than soccer?

Football has more participants than any other sport on earth. Soccer is a nickname for football.

How does a sport become a part of the Olympics?

A sport becomes an olympic sport only if the sport is played officialy on4 or more continents

Why are richer countries better at sport?

because they have more money to by more expensive equipment and facilities

Which indoor sport attracts more participants that any other indoor sport?


Is golf played by more people than anyother sport?

Yes. Soccer is the most popular spectator sport but golf is the most played sport by people of all ages.

What is the most popular sport worldwide?

The most popular sport worldwide is hands down soccer. The world cup gets more viewers worldwide than any other major broadcast, like over a hundred million for the finals. Also, soccer is played in more countries of the world than all of the other sports combined. Basketball is likely to be a distant second place to soccer.

Is soccer growing in popularity?

Soccer everyday is becoming an extremely popular sport. The game itself is played in more than 150 countries by over 40 million players! Even if it is played with bare feet and in dirt, it is still considered a sport and is loved by people everywhere.

Does sport do more to encourage international rivalry than to overcome it?

yes I believe it does. There people of different countries fighting with each other over the game of their players

Do other countries have a president?

More than 40 other countries in the world have presidents.

Basketball is the traditional sport of which country?

basketball is a well played/developed/traditional sport in the following countries: USA, Argentina, Italy, Ex-Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia etc), Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Spain, Turkey and more recently China, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Angola. Despite being popular in all of these countries, the only country in which basketball is the dominant sport is Lithuania, as in the other countries listed (particularly in the European ones listed), its popularity is shared with football, volleyball etc

Is football played more than football?

theyre played the same amount as they are the same sport

Is cricket more played than baseball?

yes - it is played in more countries, including India

When did the first immagration happen?

Because people from other countries can have more opportunitesBecause people from other countries can have more opportunites

What sport did Carl Crawford play?

There are many sports that Carl Crawford played. Carl Crawford was known for the sport of basketball. Carl Crawford has more triples than any other basketball player.

Why is racquetball not an Olympic sport?

the main reason is racquetball is not popular enough.....internationally. Racquetball is mostly played in the USA and i've heard other countries dont want the USA to get more medals. Thats why other countries want to get rid of baseball and softball (i've heard). And this annoys me because they have things like trampoline and tug-of-war in the summer olympics.