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In Australia, the most popular sports in terms of crowd attendance were Australian rules football, horse racing, Rugby league, motorsports, cricket, rugby union, and soccer.

So yes, you would say that rugby- although it is not the most popular sport in Australia, it is more popular than soccer.

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Q: What sport is more popular in Australia Rugy or Soccer?
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What is more popular rugby uniun or rugby league?

Rugby League is very popular in Australia, drawing huge attendances for games, however, world wide Rugy Union is generally the preffered sport.

When was Franรงois de Rugy born?

François de Rugy was born on 1973-12-06.

How bad is England at rugby in your opinion?

Just as crap as you are!. Not really, England are absoloute rubbish at Rugby, but Rugy is a stupid sport anyway.

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rugy rugby means its goos dnwjnd its

Is there more injuries in football or rugby?

footbal cuz rugy doesnt do nothing. i is now this cuz i do many reaserch on topix

What types of sports do people from Venezuela play?

they play football, basketball and rugy

What is Johah Loma most famous for?

Johah Loma is most famous for being an elite athlete and rugy player. He is said to be the first international superstar of rugby union. The he holds records for most tries scored in both All Black against England and Rugby World Cup Tournaments.

What sports are Australian?

Australians have their own form of football ( Australian rules football ) which is slightly similar to the Irish galick football. its played with 18 on field and 4 bench players on each team. they use an elongated ball similar to a rugby ball. the goals are 4 posts. 2 tall ones in the middle and 2 smaller ones on the outside. if the ball is kicked through the two tall ones, 6 points are scored. 1 point is scored for kicking thru one of the smaller side posts. there is a professional league called the AFL consisting of 16 teams around the country. it is not uncomon for a game to attract 60,000-85,000 people to watch the game. its an extreamly fast, skilled high intensity sport, with alot of hard hits ( tackles and side bumps) , high catches ( marks ), and incredible, well disaplined team work. highly recommend people to check it out ... incedible game. during the summer cricket is huge, all three versions of the game are popular though the twenty20 version is proving to be the sell out. cricket season is intensified when the English tour. aussies love beating the English. the australians are arguably the best cricket nation in the world. rugby is also a massive part of Australian sport, again it has its own proffessional leagues, one for rugby league and one for rugy union. again Australia is one of the top rugby nations in the world. they have a feirce rivalry with new zealand and England. soccer is starting to boom in Australia also, especially after the 2006 world cup where they surprised not only themselves but the world with how competative they where. there is a proffesinal league in Australia but they tend to lose their best players to richer, larger overseas clubs. the aussies love sport and will watch and surport there sports people and teams in just about any sport on the planet. for a country of only 20,000,000 they are one of the powerhouses of sports on earth with many many world champion individuals and team. The city of Melbourne has been voted the sporting capital of the world by an international commity. Melbourne has had the Olympics, commonwealth games, they host the Australian open tennis ( 1 of only 4 grand slams), the f1 grand prix, the AFL grand final, the Melbourne cup, and many more major sporting events. Its one sporty nation.

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an unbalanced force is where the forces of something on eachside are unbalanced say if people were having a tug of war and on one side theer were great big rugy players that were super strong and on the other side were math nerds who were weak then the force would be unbalanced because theer is more force on one side than the other

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What are some team handball rules?

it was released in 1972 and discovered in 1950. 1 goal answers as 1 point. there must be seven players [a goalie and six players] it is alot like rugy, football and basket/netball. you cannot hold the ball for any more than 3seconds.

Why is the rugy ball oval?

The original ball was not spherical it was more or less egg shaped. This was due to the bladder used inside to hold the air. The ball developed later needed to be used for hand passing more than kicking so the cone shaped ends were developed which we see today. The balls shaped makes the ball easier to pass and adds an element of unpredictability when kicked

Who is the best at rugby union?

ah you've got to love a question that allows me to wax lyrical. In my personal opinion Ulster rugy are the best club but with only one European cup (1997) one Celtic league (2005) and a Celtic cup in the trophy cabinet and a relatively poor league and cup position this year i will gladly admit this opinion is from the heart and nothing at all to do with the head. If you are talking national teams the sport is dominated by the big ten the six nations teams, (Ireland England Scotland Italy wales and France) the tri-nations (Australia, new zealand and south Africa) and Argentina. Realistically the new zealand all blacks are the best at the moment, they've just won the tri-nations and beaten England, wales, Ireland and Scotland in successive games although South Africa won the world cup last year and you can't really argue with that. In club rugby there are a wealth of options but you'd be hard pushed to look past toulouse, munster, leicester, crusaders, brumbies, hurracaines if i have to pick one I'll go for the canturbury crusaders

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