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Football (soccer) ranks top




football is a worldwide sport that is played in just about anywhere probably the most favoufrite

tennis is also pretty much worldwide but its harder and less enjoyable

basketball is mainly american but it is played at schools and state comps around the world

rugby (depends about if its union or league) onion is only played in about 1/16 of the world probably less, league is only in Australia

rugby isnt a very popular or good sport

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Q: What sport is more popular basketball soccer rugby or tennis?
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What sports do Romanias play?

Soccer, Rugby union, Basketball, handball, gymnastics, and Tennis. Football (Soccer) is the most popular though-to my knowledge.

What are Italy's most popular sports?

Soccer is the most popular sport in Italy, followed by basketball and volleyball. Tennis, cricket, fencing and rugby are also popular.

What kind of sports are played in Spain?


What are the national games of England?

Football (Soccer), Cricket and Rugby Football are the most popular. We also play Hockey, Tennis, Netball, Basketball ...

What other sports do the spanish play?

they play soccer, football, tennis, basketball and rugby.

What sports do the athletes usually wear shorts?

Soccer, basketball, rugby, volleyball, tennis.

What sports are played in the Congo?

Basketball, football (soccer) , rugby, tennis are some examples.

What sports did people in Uruguay play?

They play Rugby, Soccer, The Olympics, Boxing, Tennis and Basketball in the Uruguayan Basketball League

What sports can you play?

Football, Basketball, Futbol (Soccer), Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, Baseball and more.

Where were some of the most popular sports were invented?

cricket, rugby, boxing, football (soccer) -UK. baseball, American football-US. basketball-Canada. tennis-France.

What are six sports you wear short shorts when playing?


What are the sports they have?

Football Baseball Soccer Basketball Tennis hockey lacrosse Rugby Poker Volleyball and gymnastics

What is Uruguay's sport?

Uruguay has many sports, Football (soccer), Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, and Motor Sports.

What is the most popular sports in France?

soccer! football tennis swimming rugby cycling

Is soccer the main played port in Brazil?

Yes soccer is indeed the main sport of Brazil along with BBJ, Rugby,Tennis, and basketball.

Most popular sports in the world?

Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Football, and Rugby are the most popular sports.

Sports that are played with balls?

soccer,basketball,tennis,football,golf,softball,baseball,rugby,and water polo

What are good sport titles?

football, boxing, nascar, golf, soccer, hockey, rugby, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis.

What kind of sports are there in the world?

there are cricket and basketball and tennis,soccer,and baseball, and afl if your Australian ,rugby league and footballv and hockey

What are the worlds most popular sports?

Soccer and basketball probably. Maybe hockey, rugby, volleyball....

Popular sport in 2000-2010?

Basketball, Soccer, Football, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis. In order of popularity, the sports are: 1) Soccer 2) Cricket 3) Hockey 4) Tennis 5-6) Volleyball, Table-Tennis 7) Baseball 8-9-10) Golf, Rugby, Basketball

What are the top ten most physical sports?

wrestling, boxing, hockey, running, tennis, soccer,football,rugby,basketball,swimming,

Give atleast 10 examples of sports?

Football, Soccer, Baseball, Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Boxing, Bowling and Hockey.

5 most popular sports played in the 1970's in the UK?


What are the most popular team sports played in Australia?

The most popular team sports are cricket, soccer, rugby, basketball and netball