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Q: What sport is known as Americas national pastime?
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Related questions

What type of sport is baseball known as?

In the United States, baseball is known as a national pastime and is the national sport of the country.

What is Korea favorite sport or pastime?

Praising Kim Yung Moon is their national pastime.

What is Canada's favorite sport and why?

Lacrosse is the Canadian national pastime and ice hockey is the national sport

What is Panama's national pastime?

Football or soccer is a popular sport.

What sport has the most fans in America?

Baseball, it's the national pastime.

What sport is older in US soccer or baseball?

baseball.. its our national pastime!

What does baseball mean to the US?

it isn't called "Americas Pastime" for no reason, lol, best sport on earth in my opinon

What is the most popular sport in North America?

Baseball- America's National Pastime

What sport is considered to be the national pastime of America?

Use to be Baseball. But that has kind of shifted to football.

What is Panama's favorite sport or pastime?

Baseball is the favorite sport and pastime of Panama.

What is the national sport of the USA?

The National Sport of the United States is Baseball. That's is one of the reasons they call it the Great American Pastime.However, A national sport or national pastime is a sport or game that is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation. Some sports are de facto (not established by law) national sports, as baseball is in the United States, while others are de jure (established by law) national sports, as lacrosse and ice hockey are in Canada.

Did George Washington have a favorite sport?

he didnt have a favorite sport. many were not invented in that timeUnless you consider fox hunting a sport which was his favorite Sunday pastime. He was known to be a great equestrian.

What is Russia's favorite pastime or sport?

The favorite pastime is ice-skating.

What is Americas national sport?

Baseball is currently the national sport of the United States of America, but Football is thought by many to overtake baseball in the near future.

Why is hockey Canada's favorite pastime?

Because its just that, a pastime. Not really a sport.

Why is baseball called national pastime and not national sport?

because it sucks No, it does not suck. It's an amazingly fun "game" to play, but I would dare calling it a sport. There is hardly any strenuous physical activity required. This makes people test their limits of spirit and mind which evokes competition, which a true sport has. I even recall seeing fat players in baseball teams, who probably gained a spot only for their batting skills. Baseball doesnt suck and it is a sport and it is a very fun sport to play and it is hard at points. baseball is called our national pastime for a reason many people do like to watch it and its not called our national sport because its not .

Favorite pastime or sport of Italy?

Soccer is the best sport in Italy.

What is the popular sport and pastime afgans?

the popular sport in the world is soccer.

What is Argentina's National Sport?

soccer Pato is the national Sport (Played on horses, like Polo). We are better known for it's soccer players but i is NOT our National Sport.

What is Romania's favorite sport or pastime?

Football is the most appreciated sport in Romania.

What is wales favorite sport or pastime?


What is China's national sport?

The national sport of China is table tennis (t.t) otherwise known as Ping-Pong

What is the national sport of Egypt?

soccer but in their national language(arabic) it is known as koraThe most popuar sport in the country of Egypt is football. It is also considered to be the national sport as well.

What sport does Greece have?

Football (also known as soccer) is the national sport of Greece.

What is the origin of the word sport?

it is greek and means a pastime.