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Q: What sport is famous in NC?
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Who are some famous people born in Piedmont nc?

famous people born in NC

What is UK's Famous Sport?

Football is Uk'S FAMOUS SPORT

Which is the famous sport of India?

i think the most famous sport in India is cricket

Is soccer a famous Brazilian sport?

yes soccer is a famous sport in brazil

Why did Sally Pearson choose her sport?

nc xjnmv

Why did fox hunting used to be a sport?

nc n

Which is the most famous sport in US?

By far, American football is the most famous sport.

What sports do Sicily do?

sicilys famous sport is soccer wthout a dout. and i think its the famous sport bevuase its an open sport for everyone

What is Egypt's most famous sport?

Egypt's most famous sport now is football or (soccer)

Did presidents live in the Piedmont region NC?

famous people of the Piedmont region NC

What is Beijing most famous sport?

Beijing most famous sport is beasketball and pingpong(table tennis).

What are famous people in Onslow County NC?

Sam Sawyer and Charlie Sanders are two famous people who are from Onslow County, NC. Also, congressman John Williams Shackelford is from Onslow County, NC.

Is Volleyball a famous sport in the US?

Its an Olympic sport, if that helps.

What is a famous Croatian sport?

Football is the most popular sport

Is Tonga famous for a sport?

tonga is famous for rugby

Which sport is John Bertram famous for?

He is famous for football

In what sport is Henley famous for?

Henley is famous for rowing.

For what is Charlotte NC famous?

it is the queen city

Who is famous and lives in pinehurst NC?

There are very many people who are not only famous but also live in Pinehurst NC. They include LeBron James and Hugh Hefner.

What was the most famous sport in the 1900s?


What is the most famous sport in Japan?

They have 3 of the most famous sport in Japan which is : Baseball, football, & Sumo Wrestling

Famous sport in Australia?

tennis is a sport that people play in australia

What sport is Tiger Woods famous for?

He's famous for golf.

Which sport is Yannick Noah famous for?

He is famous for playing Tennis.

What is the most famous sport in Pakistan?

pakistan is famous for cricuit