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The UEFA Europa League, formerly known as the UEFA Cup, is associated with the sport of soccer.

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Q: What sport holds the UEFA Cup?
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What sport does the uefa cup focus on?

Soccer (fussball)

When did UEFA Cup Winners' Cup end?

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup ended in 1999.

When was UEFA Cup Winners' Cup created?

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup was created in 1960.

How many times won brazil the uefa cup?

UEFA CUP is played by UEFA clubs. Brazil is not a UEFA club.

When was UEFA Intertoto Cup created?

UEFA Intertoto Cup was created in 1961.

When did UEFA Intertoto Cup end?

UEFA Intertoto Cup ended in 2008.

When was UEFA Futsal Cup created?

UEFA Futsal Cup was created in 2001.

When was UEFA Regions' Cup created?

UEFA Regions' Cup was created in 1996.

When was UEFA Super Cup created?

UEFA Super Cup was created in 1972.

Is there UEFA in FIFA 07?

Uefa Cup? Yes

Did Spain win the uefa cup?

Yes. Spain won the 2012 UEFA cup.

What cups have liverppol football club won?

Liverpool have won the Old 1st Division, Old 2nd Division, F.A. Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup, UEFA Champions League & UEFA Super Cup and Carling cup

Who Won The UEFA In Year 2011?

Barcelona won the UEFA 2011 cup

Did Stoke City qualify for UEFA Cup?

Stoke City have played in the UEFA Cup twice ( 1972 - 73 & 1974 - 75 ). They also appeared in the recently revamped UEFA Cup, now known as the UEFA Europa League in the 2011 - 12 season.

What player still playing has won the European cup the uefa cup and the European cup winners cup?

Allessandro Nesta (UEFA cup/CWC LAzio, Champions League Milan)

How many times have Manchester United won the UEFA Cup?

United have won the UEFA Cup three times: 1967/68, 1990/91 and 2007/08. United won the European Cup in 68 (now known as the Champions League) and in 1991 United won the European Cup Winners Cup (this competition no longer exists). In 2008 Manchester United won the Uefa CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, not the Uefa cup. The Uefa Cup is a different competition. The actual answer is never.

How many uefa cups did hull city win?

They never won a uefa cup.

Player to score in the final of the European cup uefa cup and cup winners cup?


What player won the European cup uefa cup and cup winners cup?

Mark hughes

Who won the uefa cup for 2008?


Who won the last uefa cup?


What year did millwall get into the uefa cup?

it was in 2004

Who won the uefa cup in 2009?


What year did the uefa cup start?


Has Chelsea ever won the uefa cup?

No :)