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Ping-pong has the smallest ball.

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Q: What sport has the smallest ball?
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What sport uses the smallest ball?

The smallest regulation sport ball is the ping pong ball (40 mm diameter). Since the change from a 38 mm competition ball, there are squash balls that are smaller, but these can vary from 39.5 to 40.5 mm in diameter. The golf ball is slightly larger at 42.67 mm (increased in 1960 from 41.15 mm).

What sport uses the ball as defense?

You can use the ball as defense in the sport of dodgeball.

What sport do you play with a lead ball?

Sport with a lead ball on a chain

How small is the worlds smallest radio marble golf ball or tennis ball?

The smallest radio in the world is golf ball sized

What sport has the smallest court?

I belive the sport with the smallest court is table tennis, If i am wrong i am sorry.Please someone edidt the answere if i am wrong.

Who is the smallest person in sport?

On average, jockeys are the smallest group of professional athletes, as horse racing is a sport where small size is an advantage.

Is bocce ball an Olympic sport?

Bocce ball is NOT an Olympic sport, sadly.

What sport uses the largest ball?

The regulation sport that uses the largest ball is basketball.

What is the fast ball sport?

The fast ball sport is baseball, a fast ball is basically when a pitcher just throws the ball staight at the strike zone.

Sport that has a letter z in it?

There is a sport where you get in a ball and roll down a hill its called Zorb ball.

Is wall ball a profesional sport?

no it is considered a minor sport.

In what sport has the ball a yellow stripe?

Billiards: 9-ball (although, billiards may not be an actual sport)

Is kick ball a compound word?

Yes it is a sport and any sport that ends with ball is a compound word

What ball sport is 'boasting' part of the game in?

The ball sport where boasting is the part of the game is in squash. Boasting can refer to an offensive or defensive move in the sport.

What is the fastest ball sport?

Paint ball

What is the sport tennis?

The sport tennis is a sport which is played across the world. Where you strike a ball with a tennis racket. And then ball has to get past the net and the other player does the same. The way you win is if the player misses, hits the ball out.

Is soft ball a sport?

Yes softball is a sport.

I am sport you how do usee?

you how am use sport ball like that

What is the smallest sport in the world?

pocket pool

What is the smallest trophy in sport?

The Ashes Urn

Where do you get a heavy ball?

you get aheavy ball in sport shops

What sport ball bounces the highest?

tennis ball

What is the soccer ball used for?

That is question explains itself. The soccer ball is used to make the sport of soccer what it is. For without the ball the sport of soccer would not exist. The ball is used to score goals.

What raquet sport uses a small black rubber ball?

The sport is probably squash, although the ball doesn't have to be black.

Is dodgeball a game hobby or sport?

dodge ball is a sport