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speed walking

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Q: What sport has the most injuries in college?
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Which contact sport has the most injuries?

Rugby is the violentest sport and injuries occur alot.

What sport has the most head injuries?


What sport has the most wrist injuries?


Which wrestling injuries are the most common in the sport?

A knee injury or a heart injury & a neck injury

What sport causes the most head injuries?

That would obviously be Football (:

What sport has the least injuries?

baseball is the sport with the least injuries because all you do is run around bases. The most common injury in baseball is a hamstring

What sport is the most common cause of eye injuries in US?


How many sport related injuries are there each year in Australia?

about 5,666 most are related to surfing

What sport causes the most injuries in the army?

what should be included at the end of an army safety brief

What college sport makes the most money?


What is the most watched college sport in America?

football is

What college sport brings in the most revenue?